Scrap kit used for this tutorial is by Carita  Designz 'Moonlight Shadow'

Also the artwork of ęD_Halim is used  My license to use is # PFD_Swt59

Supplies (2 animation files and mask )

This tutorial was written using PSP X 6... any version will work though.

July 9, 2016


#1. Open pp3.jpg.. Shift +D to duplicate the image. Close the original the copy

is now your working image. Sharpen it once.  Click on its layer and right click and promote

background layer.

Apply the mask to the background paper. Merge/ merge group.

Go to image/ canvas size  900 x 900 center justify

#2. Open element 32.png (gold fencing) Copy and paste over to working image

duplicate. Position like below.

#3. Open element 12.png (half frame)  copy and paste over...

Open element fr3.png (red frame) resize 80%  paste it over to working image

Open element 11.png the page... we're going to use it like a paper behind the frame.

position it where you can see the pinkish part at the bottom left of frame.

Use your magic wand tool and select the frame layer on palette, click on the inside of the frame...

go to selections/ modify/ expand 10 pixels.. INVERT  and delete on the page layer.

#4. Apply a 3d drop shadow to the frame... use these same settings for all elements

#5. Open the tube you're going to use.. if you use the same as me there is not need to resize it..put

the 3d drop shadow on her.

Open element 2.png (kitty) and resize it 58% put its layer under the girl tube.

Open element 41.png (glitter splat) duplicate and mirror.. Put the glitter layers right above the mask layer.

#6. Open element 4.png (rose) resize 55% put its layer below the girl tube.

Open element 5.png (rose)  resize 45%    duplicate put on each side of the other rose..

Open element 21.png (blue flowers)  put them below the right rose.

#7. Open element 23.png resize them 85% put them below all the roses.

Don't forget all your 3d drop shadows.

Open element 19.png (blue flowers)  duplicate

here is how it all looks so far...

#8. Open element 25.png (clock)  position it bottom right under all the flowers

Open element 10.png (ribbon) put it below the flowers but above the clock layer.

Open element 43.png (opened book) put it below the ribbon layer.

Open element 30.png (lamp) resize 60%

#9. Use your deformation tool to pull out the corners of the mask layer NOT too much , don't let

it go beyond the images edges.

Add a new layer on the bottom of the layer palette and fill with white

Your image should look about like the one below.

#10. Open element 7.png (dotted bow) resize 60%  have its layer on top of the layer palette.

Open element 15.png (pin dangle) resize 80%

Put it on top of the bow.

Open the text art  element 14.png resize 80%  Put it in the center of the frame.. under the girl layer

Resize all layers 87%  Here is what my image looks like. Notice I put my copyright info on the image.

#11. Open your animation shop...  Right click on the top of your new image and click copy merged.

when in animation shop right click on it's desktop and paste as a new animation... duplicate that one frame till you have 22 frames.

Open the two animations that were in the supplies zip. select all frames . Notice they have 22 frames...

Start with the flower burst animation first.. by Click, hold and drag F: 1 of the flower burst animation first to F: 1 of your new animation from PSP.

Don't let go of mouse till you placed it where you want the animation to start.  I did mine on top of the knot of the bow.. on bottom right.

Check animation to see if it looks ok... then Click, hold and drag F:1 of the red heart animation over to F: 1 of your working animation. Let go of mouse

when you have placed it on top of there the redflower animation starts.

Check your animation .. see if all looks ok if so Save as a GIF.


Toodles till the next tutorial girls..