I made this header for an Incredimail letter I did.. so thought I would write a tutorial on how I made the tag header.

I used the beautiful artwork of İMolly Harrison... it is a bonus tube if you bought $10 of Molly's tubes  HERE.

You must have a license to use.. mine is # CDO-2339. This tube is NOT included in the supplies zip!!!

But you can use any tube you'd like.  You can also recolor the elements to your liking . That's what I did.

The elements I used for this tag is from no particular scrap kit... I have included them in

the supplies zip, along with the mask I used , WSL_Mask220.jpg.   It is a Wee Scots Lass mask you can find it HERE.. snag

all her masks while you're at it... they are all just GREAT.. Her Mask links are on the right side of her blog.

Also there is a bkg paper that I used for the mask layer... I included that was a FTU bkg.. I have the designers preview of that paper in there too.

I made the Mists n Shadows text in Photoshop... (included in supplies)  it is sooooooo much better than PSP for text....

but for the rest of the tutorial I used PSP X 6 version.



#1. Unzip the supplies zip and put the mask in your mask folder, the other supplies just keep handy.

#2. Open a new image 850 x 850. 300 resolution (I always use 300 res) Open the ArtDecoPage-GIEnchantedHearts.jpg

Resize it 22% and drag its layer over to your new working image the 850 x 850 one.

Layers/Load-Save Mask/Load Mask from Disk . In the drop down browse window for masks.. find the WSL_Mask220.jpg.

Use settings below.

#3. Apply the mask to the paper layer. Right click on the top of the mask layers on the layer palette and Merge/Merge group.

Now you need to colorize the mask layer.. I used the settings below. Use your own if you want

I duplicated the mask layer... so that it would be darker and more dramatic.

#4. Open which ever frame you want to use.. I used Frame1.png and resized it 70%


I put the jpg of the tube within the frame. then used the larger tube on top to the right side.

Arrange all your elements the way you want.. or the way I have mine.. Sky's the limit on your imagination!!!

I ended up toning my frame down some...I used the same hue... but dropped the saturation down some. It was a little bit too bright pink.

All that's left is adding your word art on there...also the copyright info.... I have other tutorials showing how I make the text.


If your going to use this for a tag then you'd probably want to resize it to 80% or so...

 but I make my things big.. for headers. .first then resize for tags..

Toodles till next time

Hope you enjoyed this short tut.