For this tutorial I used a freebie kit of KimB 'Missing You'

You can get the kit from her blog but you have to go for long time on her blog through the freebies and it takes a long time...

Here is the kit also for ya..HERE

Artwork of ŠPinup toons used...from Pkg 217-2

License to use # CDO-2339

WSL_Mask352 & WSL_Mask364 used

Penta / VTR2 is used also


Make a new image 900 x 900  This is your working image

#1. Open paper 05  Resize 22%  Drag its layer over to your new image window.. or copy and paste it over...

 apply the WSL_Mask350... Merge group/ Sharpen twice on the mask layer... Name your layers (good habit to get into)

After you sharpen twice on the top mask layer apply

a 3D drop shadow on the layer. V 3 H 3 opacity 33% blur 3


#2. Open paper 03 now...resize 22%  Drag or copy and paste its layer over to your working image .

Apply the WSL_Mask364 to the paper... its layer should be below the paper 5 masked layer. .

no drop shadow is applied to this 2nd mask layer.


#3.On the bottom mask layer apply Penta/ VTR2 on it using the settings below

#4. Below I showed the placement of the Tube, and elements.. the flowers were resized 20%

the bow 30%, the text strips 30%, the girl tube 80%

I then cropped it... as shown... and resized it all 82%.


and resized it all 82%.

#5. Below shows how I merged all the element layers together.. an added new layer on bottom , filled with white.. then merged the bottom

of the mask layers down to the white layer.. the top mask layer is not merged with any layer..

#6. Duplicate the Mask layer that's on top. On the top duplicated layer of the mask use your deformation tool and being

careful not to move the mask up or down... turn it clockwise some..

#7.Open your animation shop.. On the layer palette have all layers showing except the bottom duplicated mask layer..

Right click on the top of the image.. Copy Merged... go to animation shop and right click on its desktop...

#8. paste as a new animation.. back to PSP and hide the layer of the duplicated mask that not hid last time.. and unhide the other one...

Right click on the top of the image.. copy merged.. over to animation shop and right click and paste after current frame...

CTRL + A to select both frames...

#9. CTRL + A to select both frames... click on Frame Properties

#10. Set the speed of the animation to 20.

#11. Check your animation now.. to see if it looks ok.. if it does.. save as a GIF.

That should be it.. your done

Toodles till next time