Scrapkit used in the writing of this tutorial is by Tiny Turtle Designs 'Meelia kit '

I wrote this tutorial Oct 10, 2016 using PSP X 9

Supplies (mng animation, word text & mask )


#1. Open Meelia Papers (18).jpg  Shift + D to duplicate the image. Close the original

The duplicate is now your working image.  Colorize the paper using below settings.

#2.  Apply the mask to the paper using the settings below

#3.  Merge/ merge group.

Open Meelia Paper (1).jpg  Colorize using same settings as before.

#4. Apply the same mask as you did before on the black paper. Use your deformation tool to turn

the skull paper to the right. where you can see both papers. Resize the skull paper 88%  Un check all layers

just resize that layer.

#5.  Your image should look like below.

#6. Open element 26.png (orange frame) resize 90%

Open meelia Papers (8).jpg  copy and paste it below the frame layer. Use your deformation tool and pull

in the edges where it just a lil bigger than the inside of the frame.

#7.  Use your magic wand tool and click on the inside of the orange frame area... go to Selections/ modify/ expand 8 pixels

INVERT/ cut on the paper layer.

Apply a 3D drop shadow on the frame first V & H =4 Opacity 80% Blur 9 black

then use H& V =4 Opacity 100% Blur 11  color  # cd00f6

#8. Open element (71).png  Copy and paste over to the center of the orange frame below the frame layer though.

Use your magic wand tool (tolerance set to 20.   Select some of the orange color in the swirl area.

Colorize using the purple settings as before.

#9.  Duplicate the swirl layer 2 times so you have 3 layers of it.. merge the 3 together.

#10.  Add a new layer and move to the bottom of the layer palette.. fill with white.

#11. Open element (91).png (cluster flowers)  resize 70%

Duplicate the flower layer.  Hide the top black flower layer.  Colorize the bottom flower layer the same settings of purple as before

then use curves to lighten the purple flowers

#12. Unhide the top black flower layer. Use your eraser tool with settings below

Unhide the black flowers and erase some of the edges so that it shows the purple at the edges.

when done merge the two layers and copy and paste over to your working image.

then duplicate the flower layer.

#13. Erase some of the bottom of the duplicated flower stem.

#14. Open element (28).png (cluster) resize 80%

Use your selection tool set to point to point and select the bottom left rose

#15. Colorize the rose using the settings below. Apply a 3D drop shadow on all elments.

#16. Open element (64).png (lil girl witch) mirror her. copy and paste her over to working image.

Open element (66). Cats and pumpkin) resize 74%  copy and paste it over.

I resize all my layers 88%.

Merged all layers from the frame on up.

then merged all the layers from the swirl of leaves on down


#17. Hide the top layers just have the merged bottom layers showing and Right click on the top of the image


Open your animation shop and right click on its desktop and paste as a new animation.

Open the mng animation file that was in your supplies zip. Notice it has 16 frames to it.

duplicate the frames of the one frame from PSP till you have  16 also.

Select all frames in each of the animations. Click , hold and drag F: 1 of the dot animation over to F: 1 of the animation from PSP.

position it in the center of the black area.

Back to PSP and hide the bottom layers and UN hide the top merged layers.. Right click on the top of the image

and choose COPY MERGED. Over in Animation shop  right click on the desk top and paste as a new animation.

Duplicate the one frame till you have 16 frames of it... select all frames and click hold and drag F: 1 of the top animtion frames over to

F: 1 of the bottom and purple dot animation.  Be sure to position the frame where it lines up with where it's suppose to go.

Let go of mouse when you do that... check your animation now if all looks ok... Save as a GIF

Done! Toodles till next time :)