Hi there time for another tutorial from Swheat Creations.

Scrap kit used for this tutorial is from Dee's Sign Depot 'Love you Snow much'.

Artwork of Alex Prihodko (Angel of Love )also used.  My License to use # PFD_Swt60

Alien skin Xenofex 2/ Constellation plug in used  You can find it HERE.

I used PSP X 9 to write this tutorial on Nov 11, 16

You can use any winter mask you'd like but I used one I had bought from Pickleberry Pop store  Indigo Designs ' Snow Kissed '

When I bought these photo masks.. they were PNGs so I  merged all flattened on all 3 of them and saved them as .jpgs.

Deleted the pngs and kept the jpgs of the masks.


#1.  Open paper 1.jpg  Shift + D to duplicate the image, close the original. The duplicated image is now your working image.

Right click on the paper layer on the layer palette and promote to background layer.

Opened the mask you want to use and minimized it. Then go to Layers/ new mask layer/ from image.

Find the name of the mask on the drop down list, Use these settings below. Merge/ merge group.

#2. Duplicate the mask layer and merge the two mask layers.

Open Frame 4.png  C&P it over to your working image.

Don't put a 3d shadow on it yet..

Open the tube your going to use. If you use the same one as I do, there is no need to resize it.

C & P it below the holly frame. Try to position it exactly where you want it ( all the decorations will be on the left )...

cause afterward it will be hard to move and you will understand that in just a min.

#3. Use your magic wand and on the holly frame layer click on the inside of frame

Go to selections Modify/ expand 5 pixels INVERT... now making sure you are on the tube layer

Erase just the bottom part of her legs that are below the frame layer.

Duplicate the tube layer and bring the duplicated one ABOVE the holly frame layer.

Erase the bottom of the tube layer at the bottom, that's close to the frame.

Apply a 3D drop shadow on just the top tube layer using this color  #0b556f  and make sure you CHECK the Shadow on a new layer box

#4. Erase part of the shadow that shows under the part that you erased.

#5. Apply a 3D drop shadow on the frame TWICE using these settings here. Shadow on it's own layer still checked!!

#6. Use this same 3D drop shadow settings on all the elements.

Open Paper9.jpg  C & P it to your working image. Below the holly frame.  Use your deformation tool to pull in the edges

not too small but large enough to cover all the inside of the frame. Go to selections/ modify/ expand 5 pixels. Invert and cut on the paper layer.

#7. Here is what your layer palette should look like, the order of the layers. Add a new layer move  new layer

to the bottom of the layer palette, fill with white.

#8. Open element 26.png  colorize, Go to image rotate right  C & P on your working image  Duplicate and flip vertical

Open element 11.png resize 68%  Duplicate and flip vertical

#9.  Open element 40.png,  (Rose )resize 50% Sharpen once

#10.  Open Element 18.png  (White flower) put its layer below the blue rose layer. resize 50% sharpen once, duplicate and flip vertical

V = 0 H=2 Opacity 60 Blur 7 Same color as before #083f50  Just use this 3D drop shadow settings on the two white flowers go back to the

settings before for all the other elements.

Open element 17.png ( side view of the rose ) resize 65% Sharpen twice  duplicate and flip vertical  Have this layer below the full size rose

but on top of the white flower layers.

#11. Open element 29.png( 2 hanging Christmas Ornaments) resize 80%

Open element Wordart 1.png Move its layer to the top of the layer palette, position it to the bottom of your image.

Open element 58a.png resize 75% (tag) put its layer below the flowers and such.


#12.Below is how you merge your layers. The mask and white bkg layer is merged down.

the paper that's under or behind the frame is on it's own layer.

Remember the holly frame SHADOW is still on a separate layer.

Merge the holly frame and the and the tube BEHIND the frame together. 

Duplicate this layer 2 times , so that you end up with 3 layers of it. This is the layers that you will

be applying the Xenofex 2/ constellation on. Don't forget to put 3D drop shadows on

all the elements. and also the copyright info for your tube.

#13. Apply Xenofex 2/ constellation on each of the frame and tube behind it layers. Use these settings first time.

then hit the random seed button on the other 2 layers .

#14. Hide the 2nd and 3rd layers of the holly frame and  tube (Your layer palette should look like the one below.

 Right click on top of image and COPY MERGED

#15.  Open your animation shop now.  Right click on it's desktop and paste as a new animation

Hide the top layer of Holly frame and tube, Just have the 2nd or middle layer showing plus all the other layers.

Your layer palette should look like below.. Right click on top of image and COPY MERGED

over in animation shop paste behind current frame.

#16. in PSP hide the top and middle layers of the holly frame just have the bottom one showing.

Right click on the top of image and COPY MERGED

Over in Animation shop paste behind current frame. You should now have 3 frames to your new animation.

Check your animation if all looks well... Save as a GIF

That's it you should be done now.

Toodles till next time