The kit I used for this tutorial is a FTU kit by Candy's Treats ' Love Snow'

Direct Download HERE

Artwork of Zlata_M is also used.. you can purchase her tubes HERE

Must have license # to use.. mine PFD_Swt59

Bkg City Street Animation HERE

WSL_Mask218  HERE  Put it in your mask folder



#1. Open element CT-box2.png   100% size

Shift + D to duplicate.. close original.. this duplicate will now be your working image.

Use your selection tool, draw out a rectangle in the center of the box and hit delete.

#2. Go to Image/canvas size  900 x 900. Center justify. Can resize later when done.

Your frame should still be selected.. go to Selections/ Modify/ 15 pixels

#3. Add a new layer.. drag it to the bottom of the layer palette under the frame layer..

Fill with #597c7c ( this will just be the template placement of where to put the animation later.

#4. Open CT_Paper12.jpg  Copy and Paste it into your working image


#5. Go to layers/load-save mask from disk/load from disk.. find your mask on the drop down list.. Apply

Then merge/ merge group (the 3 mask layers ONLY)

Use your deformation tool to pull out the mask layer to enlarge it.. where it sticks out further than the mask on all sides

 but PLEASE do not enlarge it so much

that you cut off the side of the mask.. TACKY TACKY!! if you do

#6. Open lace frame 2.png & lace frame1.png  100% size

and place as shown below.

#7. You can hide the frame layer now and merge visible all the bottom layers that you see above.. Add

a new layer, drag to the bottom and fill with white. Merge down.

#8. Now start adding your elements on top of the frame layer.

This is totally up to you on how you want this to look...

I added my girl tube next.

CT-glossyBead8.png   resized 65%

ct-String4.png  resized 80%

CT-foldedricrac3.png   100%

ct-snowflake.png   100%

ct-snowflake1.png   100%

When you get through adding all the elements you're going to use..

HIDE the bottom mask layer you merged before.. Now merge all the TOP elements and frame together..

 You should have just 2 layers now...on the layer palette

 the top frame, tube and elements merged and the bottom mask and bkg layers merged

IMAGE/ RESIZE 82% All layers..

Hide the top frame elements layer.. top of working image right click COPY MERGED

#9. Open your Animation shop.



#10 Right click on animation desk top and Paste as new animation.

Open your CityStreet.gif animation   Notice it has 10 frames to it...

You will need to make the new animation (bkgs) 10 frames also.


#11. Ctrl + A to select all frames... do this on the snow animation too..

 Drag F:1 of the snow animation over to F:1 of your new animation.. click hold and drag.... don't let go till you

position the animation EXACTLY on the left side of the green template square...which works out good cause

the girl is on the right side of frame and hides the blank part of the template.

#12. Check your new working animation.. to see if it jumps or all the frames have the snow animation on them..

if not.. UNDO both windows and start over.

Back to PSP..  Hide the bottom mask layers on your working image.. and UN hide the frame, tube and element layer.

Right click on top of window and COPY MERGED..

Back to Animation shop.. the frame layers needs 10 frames to it also.. so duplicate it like you did the mask layers.

When you have 10 frames  Ctrl + A to select all the frames and drag F:1 of the frame layers over to your new snow animation window F: 1

DON'T let go of mouse while you are dragging it.. until you position it correctly over the snow animation... when placed right let

go of mouse button..  Check your animation.. to see if it looks right..


These steps are used EVERY TIME... you put an animation together with another one.. so learn the steps and you will end

up doing without even think'n about it :)


That should do your new animation... Save as a GIF and you're done!!

TOODLES till next time!!!