Scrapkit used is a FTU  'Little St Nick' by Jilbert's Bits of Bytes

Plugins: Xero/ Fritillary  HERE


Mask is WSL_Mask364 found HERE

This tutorial was created by Norma/ Swheat Creations.. on Dec. 22, 2014

PSP X6 was used in the creation of the tag.

#1. Open element jilbertz_littleStNick_frame.png  Shift + D to duplicate the window..

close the original. The duplicate will now be your working image  resize 75%

#2. Adjust/ Sharpness/ Sharpen once.

#3. Image/ canvas size  900 x 900 (can resize later when done)

I wanted the colors Red to be more viberant.. so

#4. Go to Adjust/Hue and Saturation/Colorize, use the settings below

 (you will use this same red color later for other elements)

#5. Open jilbert_littleStNick_paper5.jpg  Shift + D to duplicate the window.. close the original layer

Resize the paper 80%  copy and paste it over to your working image. Close out the paper window

don't save it.  Have the paper layer below the frame layer... on the palette.. it should look like below.

#6. Go to Layers/ Load/ Save Mask/ Load Mask from Disk and

find your mask on the drop down preview window.. apply it, and merge/ merge group.. (the 3 mask layers only)

#7.  Open jilbert_littleStNick_reindeer.png 

I used the oval selection tool and selected just the reindeer's nose and colorized it red , using the same setting as before

and placed it on the top layer to the bottom left as seen below.. we're not doing anything with the deer yet.. but

wanted it there to see how to place the other elements

#8. Open the element jilbert_littleStNick_flower2.png resize 50%

 Use the selection tool/point to point and clicked around the green

center of the poinsettia. refer to below.

 Then Inversed the selection.. and colorized the flower with the same red..

Now resize the flower 50% 


#9. After you've resized the poinsettia  copy and paste it over to your working image.. Don't forget to add your 3D drop shadows to

ALL your elements..

#10. Open

 jilbert_littleStNick_foliage.png   resize 50%

jilbert_littleStNick_flower3.png   resize 33%  Duplicate

jilbert_littleStNick_tree.png  resize 58%

jilbert_littleStNick_flower1.png   resize 32%  Duplicate

#11.  You'll have to erase some of the berries on the foliage so they wont show beneath the flowers



#12.  Here is drop shadow settings for the flowers and leaves..

#13. Now for the fun part.. :)  Duplicate your reindeer layer 2 times so you will have 3 layers of him.

On the top of the Rudolf layers make a selection with the point to point selection tool.. Copy/ Paste as a new layer..

#14. then highlight that same layer, cause when you paste as new layer the new layer will be highlighted..

so on the reindeer layer where you made the selection.. click delete or the scissor button

This will cut the leg off the deer...on that layer.. now move the new pasted leg layer down to where it was original


#15.   Use your deformation tool and pivot the leg out some taking real notice of there it is attached.. try to put it

right where you had cut it off at.. Line it up good.. see below.. then merge/ down the leg on the body..

Not going to show it but you do the same thing again except you pivot the leg the opposite direction.. so you have one layer with the leg

kicked out.. then next would be just the original, then the 3rd layer of the bodys.. would have the leg going opposite way..

You can add your 3D Drop shadow now..

#16. Put your tag together like below or different... whatever makes you happy.

I added a new layer.. pulled it to the bottom of the layer palette.. and filled it with this

yellow with the snowflakes.. but you could fill with white if you wanted

I hid the 3 reindeer layers and merged all the other layers... then un hid the one merged layer.. duplicated it 2 times..

You want 3 layers of it.. just like the 3 layers of the reindeer.

#17.. Use the magic wand tool  tolerance set on 24

select the areas it shows below ( all the light layers.)

#18.  On the top Merged layer...I used the plugin Xero/Fritillary with the settings below

Keep it selected.. and apply the Fritillary on the second of the merged layers , keep all the settings but change the last one

Variation.. just a few up or down.

Do the same on the 3rd merged layer, just change the Variation a few numbers.. (means 1 or 2)

After you get all three of the merged layers done with the Fritillary plugin.. then Unselect

Use the magic wand again.. and select a lil of the poinsettia .. don't select all of it...not solid..

Just scatter the selection. See Below.. to each of the merged layers.. use these settings..

First one will start at 14%  then middle one set to 16%.. the bottom one set to 18%

Now time for animation.. Open your Animation Shop

Hide all the layers except the first of each set.. refer to below.

On the top of your working image right click and click COPY MERGED

Over to Animation shop and on its desktop right click and Paste as a new Animation

Back to PSP

Hide the top layers of each set.. and UN hide the middle of the sets

Right click on the top  COPY MERGED.. back to Animation shop

and right click and Paste behind current frame.

back to PSP  do this below then COPY MERGE

Back to Animation Shop and right click, paste after current frame.

You should have 3 frames there now on your new animation..

Ctrl + A  to select all the frames , right click and go to frame properties

Set the speed number to 20.

Check your animation to see if it looks right... if it does SAVE AS a GIF

If it jumps or the leg isn't lined up just right.. DON'T settle with that.. do over !!! lol

Keep doing over till its right.. that's how I learned.. I did stuff over and over till I was happy


Toodles till next time