Hi here I am once again.. with another tutorial.. if it reminds you of anyone else's..

its purely coincidental.<----* I had to look this word up* This tutorial is for those

that have a working knowledge of PSP 9. Can be done in other versions...

I used the graphic art of Angie Monasterio.. you can buy her tubes and receive your license at the UpYourArt site.

I had bought the tube when it was at CLIM...which is no more. The scrap kit is my own.. you can download it from HERE

Mask HERE,

I would give whomever credit if I knew who made the mask. Put the mask into your docs/ mypspfiles/mask folder.

Mura's Filter Meister *Copies* is used in making our project. MM Copies

1. Open a new image 600 x 600. Open the background paper you want to use..

if you use one of mine in the scrap set you will have to resize the paper 21%...

Then drag the paper layer over to your new image window. You should have

two layers on the layer palette. the bottom layer and the paper layer..

RENAME your layers.. this will help you keep track of what is what.. on the bottom layer..

rename to white bkg.. and FILL this layer using the fill tool. Then resize the newly filled layer...77% it should look like below.

2. Go to Layers/ load-save masks/ load mask from disk. Find the losa1 mask on the preview window drop down. Use the settings below... click Load.


3. Once the mask is applied, go to the layer palette. and merge/ merge group.. where the mask is just one layer... now you have two.. the white bkg layer and the mask layer.. RENAME the layer to MASK..  RESIZE the mask layer to 67%



4. Copy and paste the Heart ribbon frame to your new canvas.. also drag the mask layer shape.. and put it in the center of the canvas...


5. Use the deform tool and turn the ribbon frame like below.



6. Apply a 3D drop shadow.... using a coordinating color.

7. Copy and paste the tube to the new working image.. make sure the tube is under the ribbon frame.. use your magic wand and click on the INSIDE of the frame... as shown below...go to selections/ invert  then making sure your on the TUBE layer.. hit delete on the keyboard.. that will cut off the bottom part of the tube where its sticking out from under the frame.

8.  Apply a 3D drop shadow.. same settings as the frame got.


9. Now on the layer palette hide all layers but the mask layer that you moved to the center of the image

window and the white bkg layer.... duplicate the mask layer 2 times.. so you will have 3 layers of it..


10.Make sure the mask is in the center of the canvas... use MuRa's Copies with these settings.. on the top copy of the Mask layer on the layer palette.



11. On the next mask layer copy.. the only thing you change is the top number on the right... change from 19 to a 21.

12. On the bottom original mask layer use MuRa's again and change the top right number to 24.


13. Have your animation shop open.  In PSP have all the layers showing and not HIDE except two of the

MASK layers..* you have 3*  RIGHT click on the top of the canvas window.. and choose COPY MERGED..

. click over to your animation shop and right click on its desk top and paste as a new animation. 

BACK to PSP hide the one layer of the mask layer that was showing.. and UNHIDE another one..

only have ONE mask layer un hid at a time. Top of the window.. COPY MERGE  BACK to animation shop..

 right click on the one you just pasted as new animation.. and choose paste behind current frame..

BACK to PSP and hide the MASK layer that's showing and UNHIDE the last mask layer...you do understand..

ALL layers are un hid... just 2 of the mask layers at a time or hid.???... OK COPY MERGE again and back to

 animation shop.. and right click on any of the two frames there.. and paste behind current frame again.

You SHOULD have 3 frames in this new animation... there is a animation preview button up at top right...

 run your mouse over the buttons to find it.. click it and you will see what your new animation will look like...

 if every thing is ok.. then SAVE AS.. a GIF... you're DONE..

Hope I made this clear to you all.. and you enjoyed this tutorial..

Till next one.