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You need to open up the 3 glitter graphics I had in the zipped file. On your layer pallet you have the

bottom layer we MERGED on page 1. ADD a new raster layer, name it NAME.
Click on your TEXT tool and type in whatever words your wanting, make sure on your materials

palette your foreground and background is set to WHITE.
While your letters are selected, use your MOVE tool and move your words where you would like them.
~Your work space should look like the one below.~

Go to Selections/ Select NONE to de select your words.
On your layer palette, select your WORD layer and right click.. DUPLICATE that layer 2 more times. You should have 3 layers of the Text  now.

Okie dokie.. this is where it always gets a lil sticky lol..
What were try'n to accomplish... is in each of those 3 layers of words, were going to fill each of them with the 3 different glitter fills...
So HIDE *X out the eye on layer palette* the top 2 *copy of name*layers and click on the bottom NAME layer to highlight it.
See the sample of your layer palette below.

Go to Selections/ SELECT ALL.. then Selections again /FLOAT.
Fill the words with the first of the glitter fills. You will see on the material palette when you click on the color fill square that there are 3 different pink glitter fills. This shows what you have open on your desk top.
There will be gltter 1, glitter 2 and glitter 3.

Fill that bottom name layer with the glitter 1 fill. Apply a drop shadow using the settings below.
Selections/ Select NONE. X that bottom name layer out, then hight light the middle name layer. Selections/ Select ALL.. then Selections/ FLOAT...Do this with each of the next two name layers. Filling with Glitter 2 then 3 on the last name layer. Don't forget to apply a 3D shadow to each.

Now on your layer palette, highlight the bottom BACKGROUND layer. Right click/DUPLICATE 2 times so you have 3 of the BACKGROUND layers.

Drag each of the NAME layers above a BACKGROUND layer....your layer palette should look like this one.

X out or hide all layers except the bottom 2.. which are the original BACKGROUND layer and original NAME layer.
Click and highlight the NAME layer and right click, merge VISIBLE.

X the new MERGED layer out and UN hide the middle two layers *copy of background and copy of name* MERGE them VISIBLE.
X that MERGED layer and finally UN X the top two remaining layers, and MERGE them VISIBLE.

You should have 3 MERGED layers on your layer palette now.. If you have something different.. got to use that UNDO... :)

Save this file as a .PSP format, if your doing this tutorial in PSP 7 there is only one .psp format but if your in PSP 8 you need to save it in an ANIMATION (.PSP) format.
After its saved you open your animation shop and go to FILE/OPEN and find the file you just saved.
You can view your new animation if you want. SAVE AS a new .gif animation.
Hope you had fun with this tutorial, let me know if you had any snags!!!

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