Hi there friends, ready to tackle another tutorial? GREAT!
Pull up a comfy chair, grab a cold drink and lets get busy. *S*

In this tutorial I use Xenofex 2 plugin, *Crumple & Electrify*. Below is a link to where you can download the plugin.

*Tubes & Glitter*

*Xenofex 2 Plugin*

I did this tutorial in PSP 8, can be done in earlier versions though.

First unzip the tubes I supplied for you. Open them onto your workspace. Select the woman tube, and go up to IMAGE/Canvas size.

Use the settings in the below picture.

The woman needs to be a lil bit smaller so go to IMAGE/RESIZE. Set to 85% of original size.

Make sure that resize all layers is NOT checked.

When you resize a graphic it always blurs some, so go to ADJUST/SHARPEN *once*

On your layer palette you notice you just have one layer.. *the woman* So ADD a new raster layer.

With your mouse click and drag the new layer down BELOW the woman layer.

On your layer palette, right click on each layer and RENAME each. The new layer you just made and

dragged below, name it BKG. Rename the top layer with the woman tube.* I named mine HAT GIRL*.. makes sense ha...

Click your selection tool now in PSP 8 your tool options is on the bar. So in selection type choose ellipse. Feather 0, Anti-alias unchecked.

On your layer palette, click on the background layer to highlight it, then click the ADD new raster layer..

this will put the new layer BETWEEN the BKG layer and the HAT GIRL layer. Put your cursor in the middle of the graphic and draw an ellipse.

 Do not make it as big as the Girl tube. Look at my example below..

Not every one will make their oval the same size.. DATS OKIE.. :)

Use your FILL tool fill with blue, I used #7797BE.


Use the below settings.

The oval should still be selected,so go to EFFECTS/3D EFFECTS/DROP SHADOW, using the below settings.

Go to EFFECTS again..PLUGINS/XENOFEX 2/ELECTRIFY, use the below settings.

On the glow tab of Xenofex, change the OUTER color to #7797BE. Click OK.

make sure on the glowtag..y

If you like, you can copy and paste the rose I included in the zipped file, onto a new layer and use the move tool to position it where you'd like on her hat.

Dont forget to apply a drop shadow on the rose.

LAYERS/ MERGE/MERGE ALL (flatten) or right click on the top layer on your layer palette and MERGE/ MERGE ALL (flatten)

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