FTU kit by Designs by LK 'Lermonade Stand'

Artwork of ŠPinup Toons used also..

My license to use # CDO-2339

Mura Meisler / Copies plugin used

WSL_Mask352 also used... put in your mask folder

This tutorial  was written in PSP X7. and you need a working knownledge of PSP.



#1. Open paper 8.jpg   right click on the bkg layer on palette and promote bkg layer.

Shift + D to duplicate.. close the original and this is now your working image

Image/ canvas size 900 x 900  center justify

#2. Apply the mask to the bkg layer.. merge group..

#3. Open element 22.. resize 15%..Image / Canvas size/ 900 x900 center justify

use Mura's copies on it..

#4. Copy and paste the lemons over to your working image, kind of off set it to the side..

position them above the mask layer.

open element 26.png  resize 30%

open element 27.png Resize 15%

Add a drop shadow to all these elements

#5. Add your tube your going to use.. I recolored the girls shirt.

open element 29 resize 20%

Position every thing where you want it...

#6. Use your deform tool on the lemon layer

right click on the top of the image and COPY MERGED

#7. Open your animation shop and right click on the desktop and paste as a new animation..

#8. Back to PSP.. using the deformation tool turn the lemons a quarter of a turn, try not to move it up or down..

Right click on top of window and COPY MERGED.. OVER  to animation shop... right click and paste after current frame.

Back to PSP  turn the lemons again.. quarter of a turn, same as before.. over in animation shop paste after current frame..

#9. You should have 3 frames now.. check the animation and if it looks good save as a GIF

You're done!

Toodles till next time