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I created this tutorial on Feb 21, 2008 and is the property of ©Swheat Creations.

I used PSP version 9. But I'm sure other versions can be used. This tutorial requires that you have a working knowledge of PSP's tools.

I am using Kay Miller Designs PTU scrapset 'Bit 'OBlarney' you can get that HERE.

Sorry I can't supply it.. its a retail kit. Also used a PINUP TOON tube, you can purchase her it at the CDO store

For this tutorial you will need

Paint Shop Pro...(*makes sense huh :)

 Two bkg papers , and assorted tubes

One mask of your choice or the one I supply

Filters Unlimted 2 *Edges, round*

In the Supplies folder is the mask I made for this tutorial.

1. Open a new image 600 x 600 *can resize later* copy and paste the first

 bkg paper your going to use to apply the mask on. This will be the tags bkg layer.

 Open the mask that's in the supplies zip on to your PSP desktop. Then minimize.

2. Layers/New mask layer/ from image. Pick the SWT-GrungeEdge2.jpg and have the invert UN checked.. then OK.

This is how your canvas should look

**NOTE:**  Get in the habit early in learning PSP to rename your layers to what they are.

You will get less confused when you have lots of layers.. This tutorial deals with quite

a few layers... and it will be easy to get them mixed up when you start to animate.

3. Take the second bkg paper your going to use.. resize it to around 450 x 450 then use

Filters Unlimited 2 * Edges, Round* I used # 12 edge.

Canvas should look like below.

4. I used the heart that was in the scrap kit next and used the deformation tool and turned it to the left as shown.

5. Copied and pasted as a new layer... the girl tube.

6. Hide all the layers except the layer that you used the Filters Unlimited on it.. make sure its selected on the layer palette... then go to Selections/select all/ float. Selections/modify/contract 10 pixels. Use your magic wand tool and click some where on the outside of this bkg.

7. Now to selections/ invert.. your canvas should look like this...

ADD a new raster layer above the this bkg shape... Flood fill this 'frame' with a coordinating color.

8. Apply an inner bevel to the frame.. using the settings below.

9. A 3D drop shadow is now applied.. settings below.

10. Unhide all your layers now. and erase the bottom part of your girl tube.. so none of it shows below this new frame layer.

11. Apply 3D shadow to your tube now.

12. I copied and pasted on a new layer.. this Shamrock tube.

13. Applied a 3D shadow, same settings at before.  Copy and paste your

Leprechaun to a new layer.. making sure his layer is below the shamrock

 layer.. using the eraser , erase part of him that shows behind the shamrock.

Duplicate his layer.. move one of the layers where he's part way under the

 shamrock.. name that layer Leprechaun 1 then on the other layer of him.. move

him where he's out like below.. make sure you erase all the right parts. Name that layer Leprechaun 2

14. Its going to get trickier now so.. read good :)  Ok notice the layer palette below..

 you NEED two layers of the leprechaun , 3 layers of the Heart.. cause were

going to put the noise animation on that. Use your magic wand tool and select

 any part that you want of the heart... use the noise tool set

on 13 on the first heart layer  15 on the next and 18 on the 3rd one.


 Look at the sample of the layer palette below.. See that everything is on its own layer.
**NOTE** Depending on how you BUILD your tag here... you might have 3 layers

of the shamrock instead... its all up to you...what you put the noise animation on.

15. ok... this is how you have your layer palette set up first time.. this is going

to be the first frame of your animation.. Open your animation shop now.

 If your going to add Text.. add it on its own layer. Below its kind of self

explanatory on what layers you need. You have your two Leprechaun layers hid...

and the two top Heart layers hid.. the bottom heart layer is visible.

 Everything else is visible. When your layer palette looks like below..

go to the top of the canvas window and right click and click COPY MERGE.

Like this.

16. Go to Animation shop... right click on its desktop and

Paste as a new Animation. That's frame ONE. Back to PSP.

17.Set your layer palette like below. Hide the first heart layer and unhide

 the next one up and unhide Leprechaun 1 . Do COPY MERGE again.. back to

Animation Shop and right click on the new animation your building there and paste behind current frame.

18. Set layer palette like below. COPY MERGE  back to A.S. and paste behind current frame.

19. You keep doing this.. this is the next layer palette setting. then

 COPY MERGE and back to A.S. and paste behind current frame. its the same each time!!!

20. Next Setting

21. This is the last setting. Back to A.S and paste behind current frame...

 You should have 6 frames now.. check your animation.. to see if it looks ok..

 there is an animation preview button up on top right in Animation Shop..

 it looks like film... if all is well then SAVE AS...GIF.. I also resized the

finished tag by selecting all frames and going to animation and resizing

75% exporting it back to PSP and sharpening every frame. That's up to you... if you want it smaller.

Hope your enjoyed this tutorial.. till next time..

May the road rise up to meet ya..

and not hit you in the hinney!!!!