In this tutorial I'll show you how to make seamless background tiles using the Kaleidoscope effect in PSP...Hopefully you should be able to do this without too much pain involved. lol
Start with a graphic of your choice.
Take into consideration that the colors in the graphic will be the main colors in the kaleidoscope.

Click on the link below to download the Simple filter used in part of this tutorial. Put this plugin in your MyDocuments/mypsp8 files or mypspfiles for PSP 9. If your PSP is open.. you have to close and reopen.. so you will see this new plugin.

*Simple filter here*

I started with a seamless tile.. but your graphic don't really have be seamless. it can be a tube that you have merged/flattened, any jpg will do..

When you open your graphic your going to use, click Shift + D to duplicate its window.. close the original. That way you wont chance on messing up the original graphic.

This sample below is for PSP 9

Try different settings... with the number of petals and orbits.


After you apply the Kaleidoscope effect.. make sure you make your new bkg tile seamless.. in PSP 9.. its Effects/Image Effects/Seamless tiling..Use the settings below..

Heres a sample.

Here is another way to make a bkg tile.. using the Simple Filter plugin..

Now this is same beginning tile and the Simple Filter 'Pizza Slice Mirror' effect applied.

You can go a step farther and after you apply the Simple filter go to PSP's kaleidoscopes filter and apply it also. Adjusting the petals to 7 or 8.


Honestly there would be millions of variations on this...Its just limited as far as your imagination goes!!!!
Hope you enjoyed this simple short tutorial...
Till next time..

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