I used the FTU kit of Kim B for this tutorial.. you can find at her BLOG or HERE ( I have zipped up part one and part two of her freebies)

Supplies in the supplies zip... there are a few elements that were not in her kit... that I supplied

WSL_Mask84 put in your mask folder

I used the beautiful artwork of ŠAnna Liwanag  you must purchase and have a license to use


Shock no animation on this project... you COULD animate if you want to  hehe..


#1. Open the oval frame that's in the scrap kit   Shift + D to duplicate the window , Close the original frame so now the duplicated

frame window will be your working image.  go to Image/canvas size/ resize it to 900 x 900

#2. Open paper kb-Woman2_01.jpg  paper... resize it 22%  copy and paste it over to your working image with the frame... have the paper layer

on the bottom of the layer palette.  #3. Now open kb-Woman2_05 paper   resize it 22% and drag it over to your working image. Make

sure its layer is below the frame layer.

#4. Use your magic wand set on 20 tolerance and click the inside of the oval frame.. (be sure its layer on the layer palette is highlighted.)

You should have the inside of the frame with the matching ants... go to selections/modify/ expand 8 pixels... INVERT the selection, with

the brown paper layer highlighted on the palette.. cut or delete on the keyboard. That should trim away the excess brown paper from beneath the frame.

#5.  Apply the WSL Mask_84 to the floral paper layer.

#6. Your image should look like mine below

after copy and pasting the kb-woman_stamp1.png over to your working image..  resize her 50%

#7. Start moving the elements your going to put on your image..

I put the kb-woman_fllower.png and the kb-woman2_flower.png resized the like 10% and put them on the side of the tubes head.. the flowers that she has..

doesn't match

#8. I used the ribbon in the scrap kit and put it on the waist of the dress form.. and put a flower on the side

Flower2.png  resized 25% I put a small 3D drop shadow using the settings below


#9. Below is how I put my image together.. I duplicated the floral mask layer pull one to top right and one to bottom left.. make sure the edges don't go

off the edges of the side where it cuts it off.. That's a no no

In the supplies zip there are the heart stamps, bow, staples & metallic heart..

Use them like I have in the below sample. I also added the Beautiful word art..

Don't forget your copyright info.. :)

Toodles till next time