I would like to give the talented artist of the wolves 

Jody Bergsma a Thank You for allowing me to use her beautiful artwork.

You can find more of her talented work HERE

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Hello, thought Id do a tutorial using PSP 9 doing a 3D frame.This also can be used for PSP 8.
Below is the link to the supplies you'll need.


Start by opening your mountain graphic. Go to your Layer Palette and right click on it and promote to background layer.

In your supplies zip, there is a selection for the frame.. unzip these files and put the .sel file in your selection folder. That way it will show up on your selections list..ADD a NEW layer ABOVE the mountain layer. Go to Selections/Load/save selection/Load selection from disk ... then find it on that list.

I X'd out or hid the mountain layer on the layer palette.

Flood fill the frame with a texture of your choosing.. I included a rock bkg tile in the supplies zip. You can use that one if you'd like.

To make it LESS confusing always right click on each of your layers on the layer palette and RENAME them to what they are, for instance.. Mountain , Wolves, Frame, etc

With the mountain background still hid... use your magic wand tool and click on the outside of the frame.. should look like the example ABOVE.
Now select the MOUNTAIN layer and CUT using the scissors on your tool bar. Your graphic should look like this one BELOW.. with the Extra graphic OUT side of frame GONE.

Add a Bevel

And a Drop shadow on the frame

Open your wolf tube that was in supplies zip. on the layer palette for the wolf tube click and drag the wolf layer over to the mountain /frame. OR copy and paste it.. which ever works best for you.

The wolf should be the TOP layer now.. at the wolfs foot you must erase it straight across where it touches frame... where it looks like its BELOW the frame layer..

Add a drop shadow to Wolves. I first added a shadow using black like the settings below, then added another drop shadow on them using a blue grey that was in the mountain pic and feathering it out some..

Now ADD a NEW layer .. DRAG it to the bottom of the layer palette.. Use your eye dropper to pick out a color that goes with the mountain theme, and fill that very bottom layer now.. and put a texture on it that you like.
Make sure you make a lil Tile of this bkg color with the texture.. so if you make a stationary with this.. you can use the bkg tile for this wolf/mountain graphic.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.. if you have any questions PLEASE fell free to write and ask me..
TOODLES till next time :)