FTU Scrap ' Joyeux Noel'




WSL_Mask106.jpg  HERE

MuRa's Filter Meister/Copies plugin used.. HERE

Artwork of ŠPinup Toons HERE.. my license 2 use #CDO-2339


(in the supplies zip is 2 fiber patterns, Flowers n Flakes.psd, WSL mask, and the JoyeuxNoelWA.png)


#1. Open Falangokadomini1 (7).png   resize 15%

Shift + D to duplicate the star element.  Close original, don't save changes

Image/Canvas Size/ 900 x 900   Center justify

#2. Apply a 3D drop shadow using below settings.

#3. Go to Effects/MuRa's Meister/ copies.. use below settings

#4. Your image should like below.


#5. Open Falangokadomini1 (5).jpg paper  Resize 23%

Copy and paste it on to your working image. Drag its layer to the bottom

on the layer palette. Apply the WSL_Mask_106.jpg to the paper.

#6. On the top mask layer on the palette.. right click and Merge/Merge group.

#7. Resize the top Frame layer 80%.. your image should look like this.

#8. Open paper Falangokamomini1 (3).jpg and resize 23%  Copy and drag it over to your working image

Drag its layer down.. so it's between the frame and the mask layer.

 #9. Choose your magic wand tool and click inside the Frame.. be sure to be on the frame layer on the layer palette

#10. Go to Selections/modify/Expand 15 pixels. INVERT

#11. Highlight Paper 3's layer and DELETE or CUT

#12. Select None

Falangokadomini1(3).png   26%

falangokadomini1 (10).png   100%

Falangokadomini1 (11).png    20%

Falangokadomini1 (12).png    40%

Falangokadomini1 (13).png    25%

Open the Flowers n Flakes.psd that is in the supplies zip

I made the the two textures just in case you wanted to make your own flowers.

I made the flowers, snowflakes and Word art in Photoshop.

I used all four of them.. and resized 50%

The word art is resized 63%

The tube I used.. I put it under the word art layer.. that way the bottom of her legs is covered.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial...

TOODLES till next time