Scrap kit used for this tutorial is from Dee's Sign Depot 'Andalusion

Dee told me  the kit is now retired from her store.. but I linked it to her wonderful store

Artwork of © Jennifer Janesko is also used  CDO-2339


Supplies ( animation and mask)  put the mask in your mask folder

I wrote this tutorial using PSP X 6 on March 6, 2017


#1. Open paper 14.jpg  Shift + D to duplicate the image. Close the original ,

the copy is now your working image.

Right click on the paper background on the palette and promote background layer.

#2. Apply the mask that was in the supplies zip to the paper. Merge/ merge group

#3. Open paper 10.jpg C & P it over to your working image.

Apply the same mask to the paper. Merge/ Merge group. Position like below

#4. Open the element35.png (round frame) resize it 80%  C & P it to your working image.

Open the close up of the ©Jennifer Janesko tube. It's a jpg so right click on the layer and promote to back ground layer

 #5. use your magic wand tool set on 20 tolerance and feather 2..

click on the white parts of the tube on the left side.. like below and hit delete. That should be enough of the tube to

tube  C & P it over to below the frame layer.  Open paper18.jpg C & P it to working image below the close up of face.

Use your magic wand and tolerance 20  feather 0  click on the inside of the frame..  go to selectjions/ modify/ expand 6 pixels/

Selections/ Invert  hit delete on the

close up picture and the paper layer.

#6. Your image should look like below

#7. Apply a 3D drop shadow V=0 H=-05 Opacity26  Blur 12  black

for all the rest of the elements use the settings of:  V = 0  H=5 Opacity 70 Blur 12  black

#8. Open element 21.png (greenery    cluster) resize 90%  use your deformation tool to turn it so that

its at the top of the frame... then duplicate it and   flip  . Use the deformation tool again to turn it where it hugs

the frame.. Sharpen both top and bottom clusters.

#9. Open the scroll.png resize 20%  C & P it below the greenery clusters.

Open element 26.png (paper rose) resize 20% Sharpen once.. C & P it to your working image.

Open element 38.png (white flower) resize 40%  duplicate and resize again 80% sharpen

Open element 39.png resize 40% put its layer below the tag paper rose layer

Open element 22.png (Purple flower) resize 30% flip.. put this flower below the white flower on the right.

#10. Open element 32.png (pen) Go to image Rotate right. Use the deformation tool to turn it more to the right.

#11. Open element 5.png (wine colored flower) resize 30% Duplicate

Open element 16.png  (horse) resize 60%

Open element 3.png (clock) resize  resize 50% place the watch under the horse's layer

Open element 51.png (flower center) resize 20% duplicate twice.. scatter around.

#12. Open the text file that was in the supplies zip Beauty...C & P it to your working image where you want it..

Don't forget the 3D drop shadow on all elements  Crop if you need to and resize all layers 88%

Your image should look like below.  Don't forget the copyright for the tube also.

#13. Open your animation shop and open the MNG that was in the supplies zip

Apply that animation to your new animation like you've done many times before in my tutorials :)


Toodles till next time.