This tutorial was written by Norma Wheat/Swheat Creations on Oct 30, 2014

I used a PTU kit by Jumpstart Designs ' Settling into Autumn'

Also a lovely tube by ŠAlex Prihodko  my license PDF_Swt59

Tube and kit are not included in the supplies zip... you must purchase those.

I used PSP X6. You could use any version of PSP


#1. File/New image   900 x 900, 300 dpi This is your new working image.

#2. Open the Frame.png that is in the supplies zip.. I made the frame in next tutorial will be on how I did THAT :)

I also put the dotted paper on it in Photoshop but will show you how to do it in PSP X6.

#3. Resize the frame by 50%, Drag its layer from layer palette over to your working image window.

Close the original.

#4. Selections/ Select All     Selections/Float    Selections/ Defloat

#5. Add a new layer on top of the frame layer. Open the paper, JSD_SettlingIntoAutumn_PattPaper_2.jpg and

minimize it on your PSP desktop.

In your material properties box , click the pattern tab, in the current pattern box ,

 choose the opened paper I mentioned above in the Current Pattern window.

Set it at 40%. Or what ever size you want the dots on the frame.

  Click on your fill tool and fill the empty layer, by clicking inside the frame selected outline.

Delete the original black frame layer.

In PSP there are always more than one way of doing the same thing...This below is one of the ways to darken the frame edges.

#6. Click on your Magic Wand tool

Use the magic wand tool settings below and Click on the OUTSIDE of the Frame.. make sure the frame layer is highlighted in the layer palette.


#7.  Go to ADJUST/ Brightness and Contrast/Curves. Click on the exact center of the line.

 This makes a point dot.. drag the dot down and all the way to the bottom right.

Like it shows here below in this sample. This action will darken the outside edges of the frame.. making it look a lil bit more dimensional.

Select NONE.



#8. If you don't want to do the frame yourself.. I put the finished frame in the supplies zip.

I also put the paper JSD_SettlingIntoAutumn_PaperBlend_2.jpg paper from the scrapkit behind the frame.


FYI ALL elements have to be resized.. and I didn't mention what percentage.. sorry.. will do next time!!!

#9. I used Splatter_3 element  under the frame layer.. Duplicated the Splatter layer twice so there are 3 layers of the splatter

I also used the Bubbles_1.png element and duplicated it twice. So there are 3 layers of the bubbles there too.

I used ALOT of elements in the finished image... This is always.. up to the creator on how you want your image to look.

All the elements of this kit has JSD_SettlingIntoAutumn in front of the name of the elements... I wont put that.. but its assumed  ok?

This is the list of the elements I used:



Flower_3, 5, 9, 12, 13, 14


Leaf_3, 7,9




Arrow_2, 3



You can see how I arranged them below. Each element has a 3D drop shadow on it..

I used the same settings on all


Once you have all the elements positioned the way you like... You can put the Text png on the frame area..

 I supplied the word art in the supplies zip. It was done in Photoshop OR you can do your own text..

Don't forget your copyright info on your image!!

TOODLES till next time