Scrapkit used Beehive Express Blog Train.... Dreamn Forever Designs ' Indian Summer'

I am putting the direct download for the kit HERE.. sometimes it's hard to find all the pieces of the blog train kit... I

 have spent hours finding all the pieces... to all the FTU kits I use.. so thought I'd save you some time!!! lol

Supplies HERE In this zip is the two masks you will need and two glitter bkgs that you can use.

Extract the masks into your mask folder or where ever you store your masks.

I wrote this tutorial using PSP X 7... any version will work, some settings might have to be tweaked.

Plugins used: Mura's Copies and Xenofex 2/Constellation

I used the artwork of İAlexandra Vanhek


#1. Open the leaf thats in the kit. Shift + D to duplicate it.. close original. Resize 11%  Image/ Canvas Size 900 x 900 Center justify.


#2. below is Mura's Copies applied to the leaf.


#3. Apply a 3D drop shadow on the leaves using the settings below.

#4. Open paper 1.jpg Copy and paste it over to your wrorking image... Click the K on the keyboard (this works with newer versions of PSP..

 your deformation tool till be activated

Use the tool to pull out on the paper some to enlarge it.

#5. Apply mask 4InsatiableDreams.jpg to the bkg paper.

#6. Merge/ Merge group..

#7. Open paper solid 5.jpg Copy and paste it to your working image. On top of the other paper layer.

'K' on the keyboard...Deformation tool pull out the edges some to enlarge the reddish paper... don't enlarge paste the edges of the

working image.

#8. Apply the DBV_Mask112.jpg to the reddish paper layer. Using these settings below.

Merge/merge group


#9. You image will look like below...Add a new layer above this last Mask layer.

#10.. on the mask layer.. Select all/ float/ de float. Using your materials properties box.. make your Fill the glitter pattern that was

included in the supplies zip.. either color you want.. the ruse or turquoise glitter.. I'm using the turquoise one.

#11. Set the scale of the fill to 50%... Fill on the newly added layer. ABOVE the mask layer.

#12. begin clicking and filling the mask layer, there are lots of lil dots you will have to fill... that's scattered all over..

#13. Delete the layer that's below the glitter.. The orange red paper..

#14.Apply an inner bevel on the glitter layer... and a 3D drop shadow.

#15. Your image should look like the one below.

#16. Begin putting your elements on the working image.

Below are the settings for changing the color of the girl's outfit..

Colorized first..

#17. then I used Curves to darken the color.

#18. I opened Flower 2 and resized25%

Flower 1  resized18%

the Girl tube was resized 52 %

How I cropped the girl tube.. was I selected all of the leaves.. and being on the gir's layer,  I used the eraser tool and erased the bottom

of the tube..

 and being on the gir's layer,  I used the eraser tool and erased the bottom

of the tube..

#19. Un select.. then erase the other part of the tube you don't want.

#20. Don't forget the 3D drop shadows... I know I repeat myself.. but there are people no matter HOW many times I remind

them they won't use the 3D drop shadow on the elements and tubes.. its a pet peeve of mine lol...

things look SOOO MUCH better if it has the drop shadows!!!

#21. Open the fern element, resize 20%

bow element resize 20%

Rickrack  80% duplicated.. use deformation tool to turn

Metal dragonfly 15%  use deformation tool to turn

#22. Add a new layer and drag to the bottom of the layer palette.. fill with white.

Don't forget your copyright info.

Merge all the top element layers... Duplicate the Mask layer 2 times so that you have 3 layers of it..

on all three mask layers you will be applying Xenofex 2/ Constellation

#23. apply these settings to the top of the mask layers you duplicated . to the next mask layer down.. you go back to

constellation and click the RANDOM SEE BUTTON..

To the 3rd mask layer down.. back to Xenofex 2/ Constellation and click the RANDOM SEED BUTTON..

#24. Time to open your animation shop... Hide the bottom 2 mask layers and have everything else showing.. right click on

top of image window and COPY MERGED.. To animation shop and right click on it's desktop and paste as a new animation.

Back to PSP hide the top of the mask layers and un hide the middle one.. right click on the window top and COPY MERGRED

to animation shop and right click and paste after current frame.

back to PSP and hide the middle mask layer and un hide the bottom mask layer, right click on top of image and copy merged.

over to animation shop and paste after current frame.. you should have 3 frames now..

You can go to animation/ resize.. in animation shop or before you start doing animation shop you could of resized your working image

in PSP it's up to you...when you wanat to resize.

Check your animation.. if it looks alright.. Save as a GIF...


Toodles till next time