I used PSP 9 for this tutorial but any version will work..

I used the artwork of ©Caron Vinson my license is # CDO-2339

The plugins you will need is


You will also need my Stain glass bkg 

Use this arrow to keep up where you are in the tutorial


#1. After you pick the tube your going to use... you can re color the StainGlass.jpg background, to what ever the main color that's in the tube.

#2. Resize your tube to no more than 250 pixels in width. The height will vary.. depending on the tube.

#3. Use your color picker and choose a lighter shade that in the Stain Glass bkg .

#4. Create a new image  250 x whatever the height of your tube image is plus 20 pixels. This will be the height of your image from now on. 

#5. Using your fill tool, fill your new image with the color you picked. 

#6. Go to  Adjust/ Add Noise , Set to 9% Random/Monochrome checked


#7.  Using your pick color tool, pick a darker color from the Stain Glass image.

#8. Go now to Image/Add border, Use the settings below, using that darker color.

#9. When you use the Add Border.. it flattens the image to a Bkg layer.. so go to the layer palette and right click and promote background layer. Now its just a layer and not a flattened bkg image. #10.  Go to Image/Canvas Size and add 24 pixels to the sides of your image.. Center justify.

The height stays the same all through out the steps.

 Your canvas should look like below.

#11. On the layer palette, Add a new layer... drag it to bottom. Fill it with the lighter color.

#11. After you fill it with the light color... apply the Texture Filter on it.. using the settings below.

#12. Apply a 3D drop shadow on the top layer that has the noise and border on it.

#13.  After you apply the drop shadow on the right side.. then you reapply the shadow

using the -1  on V & H as shown.

#14.  Go to Canvas size change width to 2500 x ( Height same as in the beginning )

Left justify.

#15.  Go to Effects/ Image Effects/ Seamless tiling, using the settings below


#16.  Add a new layer , drag it to the bottom fill with the lighter color.

#17. On the layer palette highlight that new bottom layer you just filled. Add a new layer.

Fill this layer with the Stain Glass bkg.


#18. On the top layer, the side deco we made earlier. Apply a 3D drop shadow using the settings below. Remember it is already had the seamless tiling applied to it.. but the shadow has NOT..

So as shown below have it checked for the shadow to be on a new layer.. Apply the same seamless tiling on the shadow that we have used on the top part. If you don't do this step your letter will not be seamless and will look bad.

#19. Apply the same seamless tiling also on the filled layer with the Stain Glass fill.

#20.  On the Stain Glass layer set the Blend Mode to Soft Light..

#21.  On the same layer Stain Glass, go to Effects/Edge Effects/Enhance then

Effects/Edges Effects/Enhance More.

#21.  You can go through the Blend Modes and look how each one of them effect the look of your background... I used Soft light but if you like another look using another blend mode.. GO FOR IT!!! lol

#22.  You can now copy/paste the tube your going to use.. to this letter image. 

Position the tube on the left

Don't forget your copyright info..etc..  I made a footer image using the tube and a mask.. and put my info on there.. you could do the same.. or how ever you want..

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.. if you need to contact me with questions feel free to.

HERE is the Finished letter if you would like to see it.

Toodles till next time!