Supplies needed

included in supplies zip (AlphaIMTut.psd,  3 tubes and 8 seamless bkg tiles)


Plugins needed

LOtis Filters Mosaic Toolkit

 Cupid de Locke is the font I use on this tut page.



Move the above arrow to keep up where you are in the tutorial


#1. First you need to install the plugin Mosaic toolkit  The zip is above.

If your PSP is open when you do this... you will have to close and reopen.. The

plugin will not show up in your plugin drop down list unless you do.


#2. Open AlphaIMTut.psd that was in the supplies zip... You may not be able to

see anything on the image but it has saved Alpha channels on it.

Shift + D to duplicate the window.. close the original.

#3. I supplied 3 tubes in the supplies zip but you can choose whatever tube you'd like.

Open up your tube. Pick two colors out of the tube you like... for foreground and background boxes.

#4. Make sure you are on Raster #2 layer on the layer palette.. fill this with one of the papers

that was in the supplies zip.. I used the tag brown on each of my sample letters...Same as

on this web page background. I thought it looked best.. Whichever you pick it needs to be a LIGHT color

 I put several seamless bkgs in the zip so that you would have

a choice... and you can always colorize the bkgs to whatever color you need.

#5. Ok the AlphaIMTut.psd window active...

go up to Selections/Load/Save Selection/ Load Selection from Alpha Channel

On the drop down it will have 3 options.. Froggie, Honey Bee & Bunny. Lets choose Froggie first.


#6. It will load a selection with the words Froggie Froggie like on the sample below.

Highlight the top layer on the layer palette. (Raster 1) INVERT

apply a 3D drop shadow, using the settings below.

Select none

#7. Image/ Add Border. Use one of the colors you picked that

matched the tube. Use the settings that's below

#8. Apply the border.. it will flatten all the layers on the layer palette.

#9. Use your magic wand tool its on the drop down from the

selection tool.  Just click on the left side like shown below.

#10. Go to Adjust/ Add/Remove Noise... (I have all my tools I use all

the time on my tool bar. like below.)

You can do this too by going to View/ Customize

 Just drag and drop them onto your tool bar.

Use the settings below for the Noise.

#11. Go to Effects/Plugins and find LOtus Filters/Mosaic Toolkit.

Use the settings below. You can tweak the contrast.. its whatever look you like.. but the

size needs to stay the same.. or it will be too big and not show complete flower

on the side

#12. While its still selected... Copy (Ctrl+C) and Paste as a new layer.  Select None

Using your move tool Click the right arrow key. keep

clicking till the border is lined up correctly..

#13. Merge all layers...if its not a raster layer, then promote to layer by right

clicking on the bkg layer.

#14. Go to Image/Canvas Size  Width 2500 px  Height same as original 525 px

Left justify.

#15. Add a new layer.. drag down to bottom by clicking the new layer

on the layer palette and holding, dragging it to bottom.

Fill with one of the papers that I supplied in zip.

#16. Click on the tube your going to use and making its window active

on the layer palette click hold and drag its layer over onto your letter.

or you can copy & paste it.

#17. Add a 3 D drop shadow onto your tube layer... I can't express it

enough about using 3D drop shadows.. tags/letters etc.. look bad to me

if the creator don't use drop shadows.. See the settings below.

#18. Below I switched to the Bunny one.. but they are all done the same.. on the layer of the

Inset.. where the words and daisy edges is.. apply a 3D drop shadow.. use a color that looks well with

the bottom layer.. the main letter body... here was yellow in this sample below. Use the settings...

make sure the Shadow on new layer is checked.

 On the layer palette.. when you use that option it links the two layers.. with

numbers so that when one is moved the other moves too..

#19. I want you to change the numbers to 0 zero (on layer palette) so that they are not linked.

Then move the shadow layer out some.. Like below... Add Noise to the shadow layer.

#20. While you're on the shadow layer.. go to Effects/Image Effects/ Seamless tiling

Apply the settings below on the shadow.. this is so that the letter will be seamless.. when

its tiled in Letter Creator.

#21. Use the Seamless Tiling on the bkg (bottom layer) layer...also. that 's the body of the letter.

Now Save your new letter as a JPG (look at the options on the save as box

 for jpg's . Change the compression factor to 12 or so... or the letters will be huge..)

I keep the compression factor to 2 or so when I make tags.. but cant for letters..

.. do NOT close your working image yet.. go to letter creator and browse for the new letter

you just saved... tile it.. does it look seamless..?? if not back to PSP.. You have the letter there still with all

its layers... redo the bkgs etc with the seamless tiling. Back to LC and check it again..

Don't give up till its seamless.. don't save.. if its not right.. its just a waste of time.. unless its RIGHT!!!

Always strive for perfection


I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Toodles till next time

If you have any questions.. etc.. please don't hesitate to write