No plugins needed just the effects that's within PSP

I used my new PSP X5 for this tutorial but any version will work.

#1. Open the tube that was in the supplies zip   Shift+D to duplicate, close the original.

#2. Open the SwtImage1.png. Of course you don't have to use the tube provided may use one that you pick.

#3. Using your pick tool.. choose a light and dark color from the tube.

#4. Fill the SwtImage1.png with one of the colors.

#5. Go to selections/Load/Save Selection/Load Selection from Alpha channel.


#6. Go to Effects/Artistic Effects/Halftone. On the settings drop down choose Black Squares.

Set the square size to 5. Background color black, Grey Scale. Use the same settings as below. Click OK


#7.  Selections/ Promote to layer. Notice layer palette below. On the promoted layer apply a 3d drop shadow.

Use the settings below. Select none.

#8. Use seamless tiling on the promoted layer.  Use settings below. Adjust the width setting till you see the lines line up where the red circle is below.. this is so it will be seamless when tiled in letter creator. Mine below is set to 27.. but your number might be a bit diff.

#9. Now highlight the raster 1 layer on your layer palette.. it also has the stripes too.. but that's ok. With that layer active go to Effects/Artistic effects/Contours. Use the settings below.

#10.  Go to Image/Canvas Size. Use the settings below.. be sure you left justify. Keep the height of the image same as it was before.


#11.  Add a new layer. Drag it to the bottom on the layer palette.. fill it with the other color you chose from your tube.  #12. Copy and paste your tube on the working image. Move it to the left over the design like below.

#13. Add a 3D dropshadow on it using settings below.

#14.  I made a selection of the lil bunny by the girl.. but which ever tube you use.. try to make a selection of something on it... like a flower .. it just depends on the tube you use..

I copied and pasted the selection as a new image.

# 15.  On the new image I used the seamless tiling.. using the below settings.

You might need to resize the image a tiny bit first.. make sure its in the center of the image before you do the seamless tiling.

#16.  Use this seamless image... in your materials palette... like below

#17. Add a new layer, be sure its above the filled layer. Fill the new layer with this fill like below.

#18.  Have the new filled layer highlighted on the layer palette. Go to Effects/Texture Effects/Emboss.

That looks awful huh :) #19.  Now on the layer palette set your blend mode to soft light and lower the opacity to 26. Or what ever opacity looks best to you... It looks better now. RIGHT?

#20. Apply the seamless tiling on just that layer. Using the below settings. This is so that it tiles perfect in letter creator.

#21.  On your raster one layer...apply a 3D drop shadow

#22. This will not tile right in letter creator unless you use seamless tiling on it..

#23. A trick I do.. so that I don't get in a pickle.. I save my new letter as a .JPG but do NOT close the image

I go to my letter creator and use these settings

Don't forget your credits at the bottom of your letter.. Give credit where credit is due.. as for as graphics and/or scrapkits you used.. And would also appreciating you putting the groups link for people to know where this tutorial is..


Thanks and Toodles till next time!