Hello... It's me again.. imagine that.. Time for a new tutorial.

The scrapkit I used for this tutorial is from Tiny Turtle Designs..'Icy Blue Winter'

Artwork of ŠAlehandra Vanhek  License # TDD0611


Supplies  (mask, snow scenery, Text art, & snow animation)


#1. Open paper 11. jpg   Shift + D to duplicate the image.. close the original.

The copy is now your working image.   Right click on the bkg layer and promote to background layer.

Mirror the layer.

#2. Apply the mask to the paper layer using the settings below.

#2. Open element (frame) 46.png  and colorize it.. using the settings below. Use these

same colorizing settings if you need to change the color of any more elements.

#3. Copy and paste the frame to your working image.

#4. Open the winter mist image that was in the zip, copy and paste it over to your working image.. below the frame layer You will

have to resize it 80%.

#5. Go to image/ canvas size   900 x  900 center justify.

#6. Add a new layer, move to the bottom of the layer palette and fill with white.

Your image should look like below.

#7. Open your tube if you use the same tube as I did you will have to resize her 45%

Open element 40.png resize 80%  use deformation tool to turn it up and down..

Open element 21.png resize 80% (put its layer below the snow scene layer)

Open element 30.png resize 40%

Open element 47.png resize 27%

Open element 75.png resize 30%

Open element 76.png resize 70%  when you put the 3D drop shadow on it.. have the shadow on its on layer checked

erase the shadow where the light is glowing on the lamp.

Open element 57.png resize 70%

Open element 92.png resize 60%

Open element 113.png resize 75%

Open the Icy Blue Text that was in the supplies zip resize 50%

add it to your image.

Placements below.  Resize all layers 88%  Don't forget to put your copyright info on the image.

#8. Merge all the top layers from the frame on up. Then merge all the bottom layers, (White bkg.. mask, winter scene and the element 21 layer )

layer palette should look like below... hide the top merged layer...  and right click on the top of image


#9. Open your animation shop and right click and paste as a new animation.

Open the snow.mng file that was in supplies zip.. it has 3 frames.... duplicate the new animation till it has 3 frames also

Ctrl + A to select all frames of both animations.. Click , hold and drag F: 1 of the snow animation over to F: 1 of the new animation.. let

go of mouse.. Your snow should be on the scenery area.

#10. In PSP hide the bottom merged layer and UN hide the top merged layer. Right click on top of image

COPY MERGE... over in animation shop right click on desk top and paste as a new animation.

Duplicate that one frame till you have 3 frames.  Ctrl + A to select all the frames.. Click , hold and drag F: 1 of the top layers animation

over to F: 1 of the snow and bottom layers animation. Don't let go of mouse till you position the top layer where it needs to be..

Check the animation. .if it all looks ok.. Save as a GIF...


Toodles till next time