In this tutorial I will try to show you how to convert your favorite songs from

to a MP3 file then Convert that to a .WAV file.. so that you can use the song in Incredimail


#1. go HERE and save this site to your browser's bookmark bar..

#2.  Download this small program HERE that converts MP3's to Wavs. .it will put an icon on your desktop

#3. find the song your wanting... on youtube and copy its url into the converter below.. where the red

arrow is pointing. Click convert video. It saves it as an MP3 file  Download to save it into a folder where you're keeping the IM songs..

#4.  Double click on the dbPower icon on your desktop..

The browse folder will pop up so you can browse to where you saved the MP3 from before.. choose the MP3 song you want to convert

to a wav.. below are the settings I use.. You can try all settings but I had found that these were the best..

You want the wav as small as you can get it but not sacrifice Audio quality.

When you have the settings like you want.. CONVERT

You can choose for it to be saved in the same folder as the MP3 is..


#5. Go to programs/ Incredimail/Bin folder and find ImpCnt.exe.. double click on it.. that's Incredimail's  importer..


#6.  Now right click on the wav song you converted...Open with/ Incredimail Content Importer.. if its not on the

list.. you might have to Click on Choose another app and find the importer that way..

#7.. after that you should see your incredimail install the song.. and find it on your sounds tab when you go to write a new letter

if you have any problems just contact me.