Scrapkit used for this tutorial is Tiny Turtle Designs 'Afternoon Blues'

I colorized to match the tube better..

Artwork of ŠJamie Kidd is also used You can get her HERE

You must have a license to use said artwork  Mine is #CDO-2339

SUPPLIES (shopping girl tube , text, Font fill )

WSL_Mask364 is used.  Put the mask into your mask folder

This tutorial was written May18, 2015  using PSP X 7

with slight changes you can use older versions of PSP


Xenofex 2/ Classic Mosaic is used also.


#1. Open a new image 900 x 900...  Open 2.jpg paper copy & paste it to your new image, colorize if you need to .


#2. Apply your mask to the bkg paper. Using these same settings

#3. Open element 84.png  Copy & paste it to your working image.  Use your deformation tool to pull it out a lil larger.

#4. Using your magic wand  select the inside of the frame.. INVERT.  Open 21.jpg paper and copy and paste it over to your image... Click Delete on the key

board cutting away the extra on the paper outside the edges of the frame.

#5. Apply a Ed Drop shadow on the frame. Also on your tube you opened..

3D drop shadows are very important  DON'T forget them... on each element.

Open element 66.png  colorize and resize 30%

copy and paste it on your working image.

Open Element 44.png  resize 60%  Duplicate and mirror.

6.png  Duplicate Position above the mask layer.

Open element 51.png  colorize, flip , mirror

Open button 103.png  resize  30% and put it in the center of the last flower you placed (51)

Open flower 74.png  colorize  resize 30%.

Open flower 96.png  resize 50%  colorize  Duplicate..

Element 97.png colorize, resize 60%

Eelement 33.png  Colorize, resize 55%

Element 43.png  colorized, resized 80%

#7. The list can go on and one as far as the elements you want to put on your tag...

#8. Just check out my finished tag to see what I used.

#9. In the supplies zip... I supplied a tube of the shopping girl with in the frame area.... you can use her if you'd like

When you get all the elements on there and placed like you want.. Merge/visible the top elements (Don't forget your copyright info)

#10. don't merge the Mask, White bkg layer, the round circle behind the frame.. and the dot circles..

#11. On the bottom layers that are merged.. like below.. draw a circle around the behind the frame circle

#12. Duplicate these bkg layers 3 times so that you have 4 layers all together..

#13. Your layer palette should look like this below... the first layer thats all the elements merged

the 2-5 layers will be the layers that had the circle selection on them where you went to Xenofex 2 / Classic Mosaic effect applied on them .

#14. Each time you go to the Classic Mosaic  you hit the Random Seed button... be' careful that you don't change any of the settings..

I don't know what I did the first time.. but the 2nd and 4th layers, the mosaic had lots more white in it.. and it looked totally wrong and I had to start over.

#15. After you do the 4 layers with the Classic Mosaic... you hide all the mosaic layers except the first one.. have the merged element layer showing too

on the top of the window Right click and COPY MERGED...

#16. Open your Animation Shop and right click on it's desktop and paste as a new animation.

Back to PSP and hide that first layer of the Mosaic layer and UN hide the 2nd one down... still having the elements showing too.

Right click on the top of the window and COPY MERGED  , back to Animation shop and right click on your new animation you've started and paste after current frame.

Back to PSP and hide #2 layer of the mosaic and UN hide the #3 mosaic layers... right click on the top of the window and COPY MERGED

back to Animation shop and right click paste after current frame... its just repetition  from here on out hiding and un hiding till you do all 4 of the mosaic layers..

Check your animation in Animation shop and see if it looks correct.. if it does... Save As a new animation GIF... if it don't look right.. remember UNDO is our friend lol go back and un

till you find where you make the mistake.. the trick is do not ever give up... cant learn a thing by giving up... doing over and over if you have to!!!!!

Toodles till next time friends