Ok time for another tutorial... I used the scrapkit of  Lynn Griffin....I don't think she sells any more... if anyone knows let me know..

I had bought a commercial license from her way back in the day..

Download hit HERE

Also I used the beautiful artwork of ęBarbara Jensen  Name of this tube is Sun stroked bonus tube

to get this tube you'd of had to buy 2 of her packages to get the tube..

My license # is BJ3511


WSL_Mask141 used also

Eye Candy 5. Texture/ Textured Noise


#1. Open Frame_03.png   Shift + D to duplicate.. close the original. The duplicate is now your working image.  resize 65%

 go to Image/ Canvas Size 900 x 900  center justify.

#2. Open the Bracketmat_01.png (this is if your going to make yours in the pink colors)

Copy and paste it to your working image.. use the deformation tool to pull in the mat to make it smaller.

#3. Use your selection tool set on ellipse. Draw out an Ellipse on  your frame.

INVERT the selection and Cut on the bracket mat layer.

#4. Apply a 3D drop shadow on the frame layer.. use the settings below.


#5. Open trim_01.png  Go to image/ rotate left.. select using the rectangle tool 5 of the humps of lace.

Copy and paste it to your working image.

#6. Open ribbon_07 and go to image/ rotate left... select  16 lines of the ribbon.. copy and paste as a new layer on your working image.

Apply the same settings to the lace and ribbon that you used in the frame..

#8. Open paper_08   copy and paste it to your working image.. use the deformation tool set on scale...to bring in the corners


#9.Apply the mask to the bkg paper

#10. Mask applied

#11. Start opening the elements your going to use.. which ever  color flowers that you use.. resize each of the flowers 30%

open tag_02.png  resize 40% mirror, use deformation tool to turn it

Open the staple_01.png

#12. Moving everything over to the left , I still didn't have enough room for the tag...so I went to image/ canvas size/1100 x 900 left justify..

The tag can be resized when done.. so it wont be too big..

Apply a 3 D drop shadow on the tag.. fill in the back ground white layer with white...

#13. Crop your picture now.. and resize to 82% . Merge all the top layers as shown.. and the bottom layers... leave the backing to the oval frame on it's

own layer. and duplicate it 2 times.


#14. Apply Eye Candy 5 Texture/ Textured noise to each of the ovals

On the Settings Tab set it to Subtle Shadows.. on the basic tab use these settings below.. on each of the consecutive ovals..

hit random seed button. Remember you show the top oval layer and all other layers.. right click and Copy Merged.. over

to animation shop and paste as a new animation... hide the top oval layer and un hide the next oval layer.. COPY MERGED

over to animation shop and paste after current frame

back to PSP and unhide the last oval layer.. hide the middle one..  COPY MERGED.. over to animation shop and paste behind current frame..

 you should have3 frames to your new animation now.. Ctrl + A to select all the frames..

Don't forget to put your text on the tag..I applied an Inner bevel first on the text.. then your 3D drop shadow.


#15. Open your Animation shop now.. and the white swirl animation which has 21 frames to it..

You should have the 3 framed animation there you just build from PSP.. Ctrl + A to select all frames on both animations... on the

3 framed animation.. duplicate the 3 frames till you have 21 frames like the white swirl animation.

Drag F: 1 of the swirl animation over to F: 1 of the new animation... let go of mouse when you get

it exactly where you want the swirl.