Scrapkit used in this tutorial is Createwings 'Love is in the Air'

Artwork of ŠNocturne  Must have your license to use #PFD_Swt59

Xero/ Fritillary  get all 4 sets of Xero



 #1. Open Paper 15.jpg  Shift + D to duplicate window.. Close original  the duplicated window is now your working image.

Use your deformation tool to pull out scaling it larger.

Apply your mask to the paper layer. Open 1.png  frame  resize 70%  copy and paste over to your working image

#1. Open 1 png frame  Shift + D to duplicate  close original,  resize 70%  Image/ canvas size 900 x 900 center justify

#2. Open your tube.. this particular tube needs to be resized 37% and mirrored Copy and paste it to your working image.

#3. Open paper 12.jpg  Copy and paste it to your working image.. I think when I bought this kit.. I resized all the papers to 1000 x 1000

So its a good thing to do that now.. resize papers.. I do this with all kits that I buy that are full size.. it saves room on computer if I resize papers.

#4. Use your magic wand and click inside the frame area... /Selections/Modify/ Expand 19 pixels 

#5. INVERT and make sure your on the paper layer,  click delete on keyboard


#6. Your image should look like this

#7.Apply a 3D drop shadow on your frame.

#8. Open55.png  resize 80%  Duplicated and mirrored

 Copy and drag its layer over to your working image.. put its layer on the bottom of the layer palette.

#9. Add a new layer below it and fill with white

Start adding all your elements

24.png  resize 80%

23.png  resize 50%

22.png  resize 50%

31.png  resize 68%

20.png  resize 70%


28.png resize 80%

29.png  80%  No drop shadow on this one

3.png word art  resize 30%

42.png resized  resize 50%

17.png  resize 42%


this is the settings for 3D drop shadows on elements

Your image should look like the one above..

Note:  As an after thought I added the mask layer on most of the captures it don't show the mask

#10. Merge all your elements visible... Separately Merge the dots, circle bkg  behind  the frame & the white bkg..

Your layer palette should look like mine here.


#11.  Duplicate the white bkg merged layer 2 times

use your selection tool in a circle shape and draw a circle selection around the round part on the white bkg


Apply Xero/ Fritillary  with these settings on the top copy of the bkgs layer..

on the next one down change the Variation to 10  then last one down  change Variation to 12

Hide the middle and the bottom circle layers have the top elements showing too

Copy Merged on the top of image.. go open your animation shop

Right click on animation shop's desktop and paste as a new animation

Back to PSP and hide the top circle bkg layer and un hide the middle one... right click on top of image and copy merged again...

You should know the routine by now lol... back to animation shop and right click and paste after current frame...

back to PSP hide the middle layer of circle bkg layer and un hide the bottom one.. right click and copy merged AGAIN..

back to  animation shop and right click on your animation there and paste behind current frame..

when you go to save as a GIF...go to the Customize button.. being this animation does not have a transparency

the transparency tab is NOT there.. but on colors.. make sure that you have Optimize Octree is selected...

depending on if you have an animation with flesh in it.. this setting works better...

Try the Optimized Madian cut  and notice the difference... UNdo then set to Optimized Octree...

On EVERY animation I do... I try both ways to see which looks best...

You might want to resize this cause its soooooooo big... you can do this in Animation shop.. go to Animation../ resize use these settings

You might want to resize this cause its soooooooo big... you can do this in Animation shop.. go to Animation../ resize use these settings


Check your animation to see if it looks ok.. then SAVE AS a GIF..

Toodles your done!!!