Scrapkit used for this tutorial is a FTU kit by Digicats 'Halloweenaholic'

Direct Download

I added a few elements of my own


Font  (Zombiefied, use caps.)

Plugins used Italian Editors Generatore/

and Eye Candy 5/ Textures/ Textured Noise

 (there is a frame,  2 Bat animation2, Lil Pumpkin head guy, Mask, & lil cat..)  Ithink that's all that's in the zip :)

This tutorial is written from PSP X 6, Sept 9, 2015


#1. Open the frame.png Shift + D to duplicate... close original and the duplicated one is

now your working image. Resize the frame 90%.  Go to Image / Canvas size  900 x 900  Center justify

Open Paper04.jpg  drag it's layer over to your working image. The paper layer below the frame layer.

#2. Go to layers/ load/save mask/ load mask from disk. Find your mask you saved from the supplies zip on the

drop down preview window..

#3. Merge/ Merge Group (all 3 of the mask layers)

#4. Click K on the keyboard (works in newer versions of PSP) this brings up the deformation tool

Have it set on scale.. and pull out the edges to enlarge the mask layer.


#5. Go to  Effects/ Edge Effects/ Enhance  then do again and Enhance more.

#6. Go to your plugins/ Italian Editor/Generatore/ Pattern Petali


this is what your image looks after you have applied the plugin.

#7. Start adding your elements..

Open Bow02.png  resize 60%

Open Flower 3.png  resize 50%

Open flower4.png  resize 50%

Open the lil bat guy.png

the cat.png  resize the cat 40%

#8. Use your circle selection tool and pull out a circle selection on top of the circle frame..

#9. INVERT the selection.. Open one of the Silhouettes.jpgs you want to use

Copy and paste it to your working image. Cut/Delete on the sillouette layer. (it was already inverted)

#10. FYI  I added a new layer.. and dragged it to the bottom and filled with white..

Don't forget all your 3D drop shadows... Merge all the top layers now...  but have the mask on its own layer.

Duplicate the mask layer 2 times

#11.On each of the mask layers.. apply Eye Candy 5/ Texture/ Textured Noise on them..

Use these settings below for the top mask layer.. and go back to EC5 for the other two but just hit the RANDOM SEED button each time

This is done the same way on all my tutorials.. that use these kind of plugins..

#12. OK second verse.. same as the first.. I'm Henry the VIII I am....


#13. Have all layers showing EXCEPT the 2nd and 3rd Mask layers. Right click on your image window and COPY MERGED

#14.   Open your Animation Shop.. and right click on it's desktop   Paste as a new animation..

Back to PSP   hide layers as below  Right click on top of image window and COPY MERGED.

#15.  in Animation shop.. right click on your new working animation and paste after current frame.

Back in PSP have your layers like below: Right click on top of window and COPY MERGED


#16. in Animation shop  right click on your new animation and paste behind current frame

You should have 3 frames to your animation now... Check it to see if it looks ok...

Ctrl + A to select all the frames... Open the purplebat.gif that was in the supplies zip.. it has 3 frames also.. Ctrl + A to select all of its frames..

Click hold down mouse button on F: 1 of the bat animation...Drag over to F:1 of your new animation... do not let go of the mouse button till you get

the bat positioned where you want it..

Check your animation... if all looks good Save as a GIF..

You should be done now..

TOODLES till next time