Scrapkit used in this tutorial is from Tiny Turtle Designs 'Haunted'

Artwork of ŠAlec Rud is also used.

My license to use PFD_Swt60

Supplies (my paper, White swirl mng & mask_007_Dfly.jpg)

This tutorial was written in PSP X 6 on Sept 28, 2016

Plugins used:  Mura Mister/ Copies


#1.  Open element 61.png (black bat) resize 40%

go to image/ canvas size/ 900 x 900pixels  center justifiy

The bat will be in the center of the image... go to your effects/Mura Mister/ copies

and set the settings same as below.. the bats should form a frame... they need to be touching so when you

go to select the inside of the frame it will make a selection of just the inside of the frame.

#2.  Go to Adjust/ Brightness and contrast/ Curves.. Use the settings below.

(Note: I have the curves icon on my tools

bar... you can  do that if you go to View/ Customize  and find Curves on the list) I use Curves alot

and I wanted to be able to find it quick...You can customize your tools bar with any tool you use often...if it's not already

up there. :)

#3. Open MyPaper.jpg that was in the supplies zip. Copy and paste it below the bat frame.

Use your magic wand... tolerance 20 and click on the center of the bat frame.

go to Selections/ modify/ expand 9 pixels. Invert the selection  . Be sure you're on the paper layer

and click delete. or cut.

#4.  Apply a 3D drop shadow on the bat frame.  V= 0 H=5  Opacity 66 Blur 10.  Black color..

Use this setting on all elements that you put on your image.

#5. Open paper 33.jpg (purple with black bats)  Copy and paste it below all layers

Open the mask that was in the supplies zip Mask_007_Dfly.jpg then minimize it.

Go to layers/ new mask layer/ from image and find the mask on the drop down.

Use the settings below...then Merge group.. add a new layer on the bottom of the layer palette

and fill with white.

#6. Your image should look like below.

#7. Open the tube your going to use... resize accordingly

Open element 61.png again... (bat) resize 40%  Use curves on it again.. same settings

#8. Apply a 3D drop shadow on it.. settings in Step # 4.

#9. Open element 100. png (maple leaf) resize 40% copy and paste to top layer of image

duplicate and mirror.

Open element 30.png (orange mum) resize 35%

Open element 34.png (orange daisy) resize 33%

Open element 108.png (leaves and gords)  mirror

Open element 65.png (text)

Open element 79.png (broom)  Mirror

Have it's layer below the word art..

Erase part of the broom handle to make it look like the witch is holding the broom.

Don't forget all the drop shadows :) You can resize all layers

#10.  Merge all the layers from the bat frame on up.

them merge the mask layer the black paper below the frame & white bkg layer.

Hide the merge top layers... Right click on the top of the image and Copy Merged

Open your animation shop and right click on its desk top and paste as a new animation.

Open  the mng animation white swirl that was in your supplies zip.  It has 21 frames to it..

   Ctrl + A to select all the frames.. on your new animation you pasted from PSP  , duplicate the one frame till

you have 21 frames to it also. Select all the frames.

Click hold and drag F: 1 of the white swirl over to F: 1 of your new animation.

position it in the middle of the black paper. let go of mouse when you have placed it where you want.

Back to PSP hide the bottom merged layers and Un hide the merged top layers.

Right click and Copy Merge. In Animation shop paste as a new animation.. duplicate the top layered animation till you

have 21 frames.. select all frames  Drag F: 1 of the top layers over to F: 1 of the bottom layers and swirl animation..  dont let go of mouse

till you have positioned the top layers correctly . Pay close attention to where the frame covers the black paper.. Line it

up correctly.

Check your new animation and see if it looks right.. if so.. Save it as a GIF.


Toodles till next time