Scrapkit used in the writing of this tutorial is from Hania's Design ' Magical Forrest'

Artwork of IKH designs CU vol 22  & Cobwebs

Supplies ( ghost MNG, Mask )

This tutorial was written in PSP X 9  Any version will work though with small differences

I would help if you have a working knowledge of PSP.


#1. Open Paper07.jpg  resize 70%    Shift + D to duplicate the image. close the original keep the copy as your working image.

Right click on the papers background layer on the layer palette, and promote to background layer.

#2. Apply the mask that was in the zip to the paper layer.

Use the settings below.

#3. Merge/ merge group. Go to image/ canvas size  900x 900 center justify. Use the deformation tool and bring

the corners of the mask in some.

#4. Open element 96.png (6 paned window ) resize 64%

Position the window kind of to the right side of the image.

Open Paper03.png  paste the paper layer below the window frame.

Use your deformation tool and bring in the corners

of the paper till its same size of the frame. Don't have it going past the frames sides..


#5. Open element 95.png  Position the pumpkins in the left two bottom panes of the window

Cut the bottom of element 95 off.

#6. Open element 36.png resize 63% put at the bottom  under the window.

# 7. Open element 58.png  resize 63%

Open the element that's in the kit IKHD_Vol44  element 05 (1) (Old books)  resize 15%

Open element 26.png out of the magical forest kit  (bottle of poison) resize 50%

Open element 79.png (green pale ghost) resize 50% position it in the top left  pane of the window  Below the window though

Open the yellow moon that is inside your materials zip.  Position in the middle of the right top pane.

first apply a 3D drop shadow on it V & H 1  Opacity 70  blur 6 color black

apply a shadow using the below settings TWICE  color #ffd307


#8. Set the moon layer blend mode to screen.

#9. Open the howling wolf .png that was in in the supplies zip

resize 23%

Open the Frontal wolf.png resize  55% put it's layer below the frame layer on the right

Open element 56.png (bats) put it below the frame layer.

Merge all the layers from the frame on up..

then merge all the layers from under the frame on down..  Hide the top merged layers

 just have the bottom merged layer showing.. right click on the top of the image and  COPY MERGED

Open your animation shop. and right click on the desk top and paste as a new animation.

 Open the Ghost.mng animation  (it has 20 frames.)

 select all the frame in it.  Duplicate the one frame you pasted from PSP till it has 20 frames also.

 Ctrl + A to select all the frames.. Click, hold mouse button down and drag F: 1 of the ghost animation over to F: 1 of the new animation from PSP.

Don't let go of mouse till you position the ghost where you want it.. make sure you dont have it too far out

where it shows below the frame layers. I put mine in the top left pane of the window.

Go back to PSP and hide the bottom merged layers and UN hide the merged top layers... Right click on the top of the

image and COPY MERGED again.. and paste as a new animation in animation shop.

Duplicate the top merge layers animation  till you have 20 frames also. Select all frames..

do as before Click, hold and drag F: 1 of the top animation over to your working animations F: 1

be sure and line up the top layers where it goes..  let go of mouse when you have placed it where it belongs..

 Check your animation to see if it looks right.. if so... Save as a GIF


Toodles till next time