I just recently found  a few of my very first tutorials... this is one  done in PSP 8 or 9

Hi again.. I was play'n and come up with these grapes. I thought it would make a cool tutorial. So here goes. *S*
In this tutorial I use Eyecandy 4000 *glass effect*


Start with a new image 400 x 400. Transparent. With your SELECTION tool..0 feather, draw a small circle


ill it with a GRADIENT using these settings. Set your foreground color to #7B2985 and background color to white. Try a few different colors for the grapes. #5D2985, #8C65BE, #AC8DC9. Use a variety. * You could make green grapes to!!*


Draw 4 circles different sizes, EACH on their own layer.





Highlight each grape layer and apply Eyecandy 4000 'Glass' effect on them using these settings below.





Now DUPLICATE each grape layer..HOW MANY TIMES?? Well this depends on how you want your grapes to look. Are you having a 'fat' mood today or 'skinny'?? LOL



In mine I've duplicated the layers 4 times so I have 5 layers of each grape layer. You begin by arranging the grapes the larger ones on top getting smaller and smaller.

When you get the grapes just SO SO... like you want them, you MERGE, MERGE VISIBLE.


Apply a drop shadow on each grape. Depending on the position of the grape you would use the 3 on the vertical and horizontal or the -3 in the V & H.


Click on your PRESET SHAPES tool. Find the 6 pointed star. Draw out your star shape *make sure this tool was set to VECTOR. It automatically puts the vector shape on its own layer.




Time to do the leaves.. you can CHEAT lol.. and use a tube of a leaf.. OR you can make your leaves using VECTORS.

When you have your star shape drawn, it will have the square around it, *if not click on it*. You click the OBJECT selector that's up on the tool bar. It should be to the right of the PRESET SHAPES tool. Then go back to the star shape you've drawn and right click on it.. the box will pop up, down at the very bottom it will have NODE EDIT. Click that, you will now see the 'NODES' of the star. Move them around and get the leaf shaped like you want it.

*IFFF you've NOT FIDDLED with Vectors by now.. You'll be lost and will be saying to self.. I"VE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS MESS!!!!!*


Have your gradients selected in your styles box. I have a gradient for leaves. but you can make your own. Just pick two colors, one dark green, one lighter.



When you have the leaf looking like you want it, on its vector layer on the layer palette box you right click and at the bottom click CONVERT to RASTOR LAYER.


If your still conscious by now. You can either apply the Eye Candy Glass effect or an inner bevel on the leaf.. if you want more than one leaf just duplicate the layer and position where you want it. If you like the lil curly cue thingys.. on a new layer just use your PAINT BRUSH tool set at #2 size and Squiggle away!!! Don't forget to put the glass effect on them too, and drop shadow.

Alrighty its either time for the ole Prozac or your saying.. "hey cool.. I did that!!!" Either way.. hope you enjoyed this as much as I did in writing the tutorial.

Till next time... TOODLES