Scrapkit used for this tutorial is a FTU kit.. Gimptastic Scrap's 'Gothic Winter'

artwork by ©Trinita

License to use  #PFD_Swt60

Supplies (Text art, snow animation, Mask & winter scene)


#1. Open paper 4.jpg frmo the kit... Shift + D to duplicate.. close the original..

the copy is now your working image.

Right click on its paper layer and promote to background layer.

apply the mask that was in the supplies zip. Using the settings below.

Merge/ Merge group

#2. Open ele9.png resize 70%  Copy and paste it to your new image.. it will be positioned in the exact middle of the image

Use Mura Mister's/ copies plugin on the element using the settings below

#3. Duplicate the mask layer 2 times... position at 11 oclock  4 oclock and 7 oclock..

Hope you understand the clock analogy lol

Add a new layer and move to the bottom of the layer palette.. fill with white

#4. Open frame 2.png  copy and paste to your working image

Open the winter in the park scene  copy and paste it over to your working image

below the frame layer.. using your selection tool in rectangle shape.. pull out a selection bigger than the

inside of the frame area... INVERT and cut on the winter in the park layer.

#5.  Resize all layers 85%   go to Image canvas size  850 x 850.

#6. Use the fill tool and fill in the bottom white layer again with white... to fill in the spaces.

Apply a 3D drop shadow to the frame.

$7. Open the tube your going to use.. if you use the one I did.. I resized it 60%

Copy and paste it over to your image.  There is a shadow on the bottom of her legs but I add another

shadow...using V & H 3  blur 8  58 opacity so that she has a shadow to the right of her..

Not sure why I always put shadows to the right of an image...Guess it just depends on where you think

the light is coming from whatever direction..

Some one mentioned to me.. Isn't it the designer's choice whether or not to put shadows.. on their tags

well yea.. BUT it ALWAYS looks better with 3D drop shadows... more depth.. realism.. etc

when 3D drop shadows are used.. More like the creator of the tag... KNOWS what they are doing :)

it makes all the difference!!


#7.  Open ele22.png  now on this element the shades are in a shade of purple..

I was going for mono toned so I re-colored them bringing down the saturation to 0

copy and paste over to your working image. mirror

#8. Open ele14.png  resize 80%  copy and paste it to y our image

Open ele10.png resize 80%  copy and paste to your image then mirror,  duplicate

On the original ele10.png  go to image rotate left  mirror  this will put it up and down...

copy and paste it to your image.. then mirror... and duplicate

placement is below..

#9.  Use your warp tool  with these settings

Push in the netting as shown below

#10 It should look like this below when done

#11. Open ele7.png resize 75% Copy and paste to your image.. Duplicate and resize the duplicated one

75%... Duplicate that smaller one.. and resize it 75%

 #12. I used Curves to make the smaller one a lil lighter in color... cause they were all so dark.. couldn't tell where one started

and the other ended

#13. Open ele18.png  resized 75%.. desaturated it...

Copy and paste the leaves over to under the roses layers

#14. Open ele8.png resize 77%  position under the rose layers.. use deformation tool to turn to the left.

BTW... I pulled out the round signet layer.. so it would show behind the girl tube..

#15. Ok... when I went to put the Gothic Winter text on my image.. there wasn't enough room on the bottom

for it.. and I didn't want it cramped..

#16. I shifted everything up a lil higher.. pay attention that you don't move things where it goes over the edges.. and will be cut off

 I went to image/ canvas size.. and changed the height to 900. Justification is set to TOP... so that makes it 850 x 900

so I had to fill the white background where the space was on the bottom was again..

Mine looked like this when done...

#17. Merging the layers  (Don't forget to put the copyright info on there for the tube you use..)

I merged all the top layers from the frame layer on up

Then merged the bottom layers... If you want to resize your image now is good time to do that..

I resized mine to 85%. all layers.. (there should be two )

#18. These are the bottom layers showing... hide the top layers that were merged.. and right click on the top of window..


#19. Open your animation shop... right click on it's desktop and paste as a new animation..

Open the .mng animation that was in the supplies zip.


#20.  The .mng animation has 10 frames... Duplicate your new animation you pasted from PSP till it has 10 frames also

Click Hold mouse button... Drag F: 1 of the .mng snow animation over to F: 1 of the new animation from PSP  letting go of mouse

button when you have positioned the snow over the winter bench scene.

Over in PSP... hide the bottom merged layer and Un hide the top merged layer... Right click and COPY MERGE

over in animation shop.. right click on it's desktop.. Paste as a new animation... Duplicate that one frame

till you have 10 frames..

Drag F: 1 of the top layers over to your working animation...Be careful and position it correctly... where you don't cut any thing off..

Check your animation afterward.. if all looks well... Save as a GIF..

Done!!  Toodles till next time