FTU scrapkit 'Hint of Goth' used for this tutorial by Miz Teeques

Direct download

I also used the PTU tube ofİKeith Garvey's  Goth Princess

WSL_Mask222  Put the mask in your mask folder


I used PSP X 6 to write this tutorial July 19,2015

Eye Candy 5 Texture/ Textured noise also used


#1. Open Goth paper 4.jpg  shift + D to duplicate the window.. close the original. Duplicated one is now your

working image. Apply the mask thats in the supplies zip to the bkg paper layer  Merge/ Merge group.

#2. Open element 63 (frame) resize 70% Drag its layer over to your working image window.

In the supplies zip there was a Gothic bkg file.. open it and resize it 80%. Drag it's layer

over to your working image window.. position it below the frame layer.

#3. Position the graphic image inside the frame.. don't cut part of the moon off the top

Using your magic wand tool click on the inside of the frame. (Don't forget to highlight its layer on the layer palette.)

#4. Go to Selections/ Modify/ expand 5 pixels.. INVERT and Cut the extra graphic image off..(highlight its layer on the layer palette)

I know I am repetitious at times.. but I write these tutorials with beginners in mind

#5. Open the tube your going to use.. if it has a close up of the tubes face.. drag it over to your working image

 You can use your deformation tool to push in the corners.. to make the tube smaller.

go to Image/ Grey scale

#6. Set the close up layer to Overlay for the blend mode

#7.Open Element 29.. Go to IMage/Greyscale  Then darken it.. using Curves

Go to adjust/brightness/contrast/ curves  Pull down on the middle dot some to darken the wire.

#8. Drag its layer over to your working image.

#9. Add a new layer and drag it to the bottom of the layer palette fill with white.

#10. Add your full length tube to the right side of your working image.

Start opening the elements you are gong to use.

Element 14.. resize 80%  Duplicated and flipped

Element 17, resize 70%

element 18  resize 70%

Element 64

Element 19  resize 50%  Duplicated

Element 45  resize 45%

element 34  resize 80%

Element 57  resize 25%

Element 52.. resize 40% erase the top part of the clock.. the scroll work

Element 58  resize 50%

Below is how I placed my elements.

below is how I merged my layers and what layers are duplicated

#11. The Gothic scene layer is duplicated 2 times.. so is the wire layer.

#12. On the gothic scene layers you apply Eye Candy 5 Textures/ Texture Noise Use the settings below.. On the settings tab. choose Subtle Shadows.then on each of the other 2 gothic layers use same settings just click the RANDOM Seed button each time.



#13. Apply Eye Candy 5 Texture/ Texture Noise  to the wire layers using the settings below..  Don't put a 3D drop shadow on them UNTIL you apply the EC5 Texture.

#14.  From here on out.. you should know how to do the tutorial lol

 have these layers showing and hide.. the way it shows...Right click on top of window COPY MERGE


Over in Animation shop.. right click on top of desktop and paste as a new animation.

In PSP Have the layer palette like below Right click on top of window.. COPY MERGE

Over in Animation shop  right click and paste behind current frame

In PSP Layer palette should look like below.. Right click on top of image COPY MERGE

OVER IN animation shop  right click and paste after current frame.

You should have 3 frames to your animation.. check it to see if it looks ok

save as a GIF.


Toodles till next time