There are no external plugins used in this tutorial

PTU Kit used: Store Collab kit 'For Love' at Digital Chaos

The store isn't there any more... HERE is direct download for the kit

The store is no longer in business

Here is kit direct download HERE

Artwork by: ©Sherin Moustafa 

I am using PSP Pro X5.. you can use any version of PSP


#1. Open a new image 900 x 800 you can always resize later when you're done.

There are 10 kit creators that collaborated on this kit.. What I did when I bought this kit, to make it easier on my self was

 to put all the elements and papers from each designer all into the same folder...

so I could view all elements at the same time.. So I will tell the name of the element

and/or paper file as I use them (wont know which designer made the element/paper.


#2. I  dragged/copied and pasted (however you do it) paper07.jpg to the new image window.

#3. Open element Frame2_FD.png copy it over to your working image.

#4. With the bkg paper layer highlighted on the layer palette,

click the K on your keyboard , the resizing bounding box. Pull the corner

points out so that the bkg paper is a lil larger then the silver frame.

#5. Highlight the Silver frame layer.. Select All/Float/ Defloat/ Invert the selection,

while on the paper layer click the cut or delete key/ Select none..

You can delete the silver frame layer, we don't want it..

we were just making paper layer in the same shape

#6. Copy the tube you're going to use over to your working image.

If you will notice below as you position your tube, the flat edges of it

shows below the frame area.. we want to erase that.

#7. Use your eraser tool with the hardness set at 0 Erase the places shown above and below.

#8. I used one of the rose tubes that was in the kit FL_FlowerEl04.

Made a brush out of it by select All Float/Defloat.

Click on the brush tool, find it on the drop down brush previews... on the

bottom right click the create brush using the selection. Once your named

your brush... find your new brush on the preview window for brushes.

#9. Pick you another bkg paper and open it in PSP (you can minimize it) .

In your material palette, choose pattern and find the paper in the preview window.

#10. Add a new layer. Have it where it is below the frame and the tube layer on the

layer palette. Using your new rose brush you made with the paper material

stamp all around the edges of the frame and all through the middle.. Make the edges airy and light

as shown below

Reason I did this was I wasn't sure for the tag contest I created

this tag for...that I was suppose to use a mask... just what came in

the kit was the rule... Reason I made the brush using the rose element.

#11.  Apply a drop shadow to the frame, use settings above

#12.  Apply a 3D drop shadow to the tube now.. as shown above have it checked  to create the shadow on a new layer.

As shown above.

#13. Having the drop shadow on a layer to its self.. you can erase some of it with out erasing the tube..

Use erase to erase some of the shadow at the bottom right side... this is only if you use this tube mind you..

#14. Add a new layer this one is below the Frame and tube layer also

I wanted some of the corners darker so I used Black and the Rose brush I made , with opacity down to 56.. density to 80 or so

darken under the edges of the frame.. Stamp around the corner edges. See below what I did.

#15. Open the element ForLove-Swirls-CS.png. Copy and paste it, making sure its on the top layer.

I erased the right side of the element.. black rose and leaves all the way up to the butterfly

#16. Open up Element3_FD.png. Copy and paste it to your new image.. make sure its layer

is below the tube and frame layer. Position it where the love is clearly readable.

 Erase the extra hanging off right side...

#17. Open element16.png , Flip it...  Its color didn't suit me , So I used  colorize with the below settings

#18. The element is still too light... so I went to Adjust/ Brightness and Contrast/ Curves

Click hold and pull down on the dot..

#19.  Just to SEE what  I needed to erase... I put the black bkg behind it.. below. Erase some of the dots

#20.  Below working on the tag.. I added a layer and dragged it down to the bottom and filled with black..

Just so I could see what the above dots looked like.. I didn't want to position them off the canvas

The black filled layer will NOT stay on the tag

Add the dots element to below all layers except for the black filled layer. K on the keyboard to bring

up the bounding/resizing box.. position them like you like. M on the keyboard to move...

#21. Open Element22_FD  Copy them over to your working image.. I put them on a layer

right above the Rose paper layer. I duplicated the layer and K on the keyboard

turned them sideways where they would go up left side. Refer to the below.

#22.  I used the black netting element  FL_TapeEl02.png. Copy and paste or drag its layer over to your working image.

I position them same as I do the glitter.. below the glitter layer. Refer to image below.

#23.  I used LoveElement.png and positioned it on bottom right also.

#24. FL_HeartEl02.png. Position it on bottom left under frame and tube layers.

I darkened it by using Adjust/ Brightness and Contrast/ Curves

#25. Don't forget all your 3D Drop shadows on all your elements.  I used some word art on the finished tag way up at the top of this

Font used: My Script Swashes

 You can merge visible layers. Save as a .PNG and your done!!

Toodles till next time


below is an animated one that I did using a heart animation ..The heart ani was created by Lovey 2012  Her blog has been removed so not sure where she went..

Here is the Heart Animation

You have to put your new Gothic Love tag on a background now.. what ever color you like or use a paper.. I put it on plain

Black.  Either copy it or I had several layers so I copy merged.. open your animation shop

Right click and paste as a new animation

Your tag we will call animation now to keep things clear

Open the hearts animation and delete the first frame that has the creator's info on it..

The heart animation has 15 layers to it..

you need to have your tag animation with that many frames also.. so

click the duplicate button as shown.... 5 times.. that will give you 17 frames

delete the last two. So now you should have 15 frames also like the heart animation has.

Select ALL frames on the tag animation & the heart animation

click hold mouse button down and drag #1 frame on heart animation (F:1)  to (F:1)Frame #1 of your tag animation

When you get it positioned like you want let go of the mouse.. if you do it wrong.. UNDO on both animations and try again

Above shows where you click and hold on the heart ani...that's where the animation burst starts

Below shows you where to drag it too on the tag animation.. or where ever you want the hearts to burst from

Check your animation now.. to see if it looks good... there is a preview button up on top

if all is well.. save as a .gif.. and your done!!