I used PSP X2 AND the new PSP X 6 on this tutorial but any version of PSP will work .

I wrote this tutorial back in 2007 but as of today April 7, 2014 I am re-vamping it.. fixing links etc

Scrapkit I used the beautiful set of Doreen Stolz 'Holly Jolly Christmas'

(the store she was in is not there anymore) I re-colored all the used

Download Kit

elements to match the tube. In the supplies zip

I included the Bkg papers, both bows, gold stars, deco &

Merry Christmas word art. Also is the WNbase.pspimage which has

an alpha channel on it for the frame.

I used the artwork of ęSuzanne Woolcott

You can not buy her tubes anymore.. but if you are lucky enough to of

bought them when they were available GREAT.. you must use your license # on the tag.

Mine is # SW 881

Plugins needed... Xenofex 2 *Constellation*

My supplies include the base PSPIMAGE with saved alpha channels

In the above finished animated tag.. it looks a lil different than

some of the captures.. its because I re- made the tag.

#1. Open all your papers and elements you're planning to use for your tag here...

#2.  Unzip the WNbase.pspimage  that was in the supplies zip..

it looks blank.. but there is an alpha channel saved on it.

#3.   Fill the raster 1 layer with white... then ADD a NEW Raster Layer.

#4. Selections/Load-Save selection/ load selection from alpha channel.

 Choose WN1 Load. Your canvas should look like below.

#5.  Fill the frame with one of your bkg papers that you selected.

 Apply an Inner Bevel using these settings below.

#6. Also a 3D drop shadow

#7.  Copy and paste your bkg paper below all layers but ABOVE white bkg layer.

You will have to resize your bkg paper after you copy and paste it onto your working image.

Using your PICK tool   Make sure you are on the bkg paper layer on the layer palette.

(K on the keyboard if you are using PSP X 5 or 6 ) it will put a deformation box around your

 bkg paper... use the center handle and

 rotate the paper either to the left or right...

 Doing the same with the 2nd bkg paper, copy and paste a second bkg paper

below this paper and use pick tool to do the same thing except turn it in opposite direction. 

 This second bkg paper is not shown.. below.

I copied and pasted the tube I wanted to use...

I used the graphic of the tube.. with the snow bkg.. first NOT the tube itself

Moved it over to the left.. as shown below.

As you can see the Gorjuss picture does not fill the whole center frame up..

there is a spot on the right side where its not filled...Clicking my Clone tool I

right clicked on a part of the dark sky then left clicked and 'painted in the empty space..

so that all of the inside of the round frame is filled with the Gorjuss picture background.


#8. 'Decorate' your tag with whatever elements you would like to use... I put in the zip a few

so that you would have a choice.. don't have to have it to look just like my finished tag.

 Let your imagination soar here.. this is something that can't be taught..

 you just have to develop this ability by doing many many designs. 

 Make sure you put every element on its own layer.. that way you can move things around

ALWAYS  add 3D drop shadows on your elements, and also

don't forget to name your layers on the layer palette...

 this way it wont be so confusing...


#9.  Above.. I show that I cut the ends off of the raffia bow and added some star elements between the layers..

#10. Once you get all the elements added and placed on your graphic *don't forget 3D shadows*

#11.  What I did next is add the tube again right under the frame and above the bkg graphic. She has to be 

resized.. about 88%  just so she is pretty much the same size as the girl bkg graphic below.

Added a 3d drop shadow on her and made sure she was in same position as the graphic below.

Merge All the top layers. thats the bow, frame, girl tube ,

the rafia bow and what ever other elements you used.

Merge all the bottom layers White bkg, papers, decos, stars, the round girl bkg . See the above

capture to see what I am talking about. You should have just 2 layers showing now.

 NOW...Duplicate the bottom bkg layer twice.. so you have all

 together 3 duplicated bottom layers and ONE top layer.

Look at the layer palette in the capture above. Don't forget your

copyright info on the tag too.

#12. Ok now you should have 4 layers on your layer palette... 

#13. Use your Selection tool in a circle shape and draw a round selection over the round black center pic.

Look at the pic above this... it shows a selection around the black circle... in PSP version X 5 & 6 you

can right click and move the selection to the right spot... but in earlier versions of PSP you have

to go to Selections/ Edit Selection it turns to orange circle..

 move it then go back to selections and click edit selection again.

Bottom line is to get that selection perfectly ON the black circle.. no going out of that area.


 #14. Open your Xenofex 2 /Constellation. Use these settings below..  or if you want you can

always 'tweak' my settings to ones you like better..

Apply this on the first bkg on the layer palette with the

selection around the black it would be the 2nd one down.

You have the bottom 2 layers HIDDEN.

I didn't rename the layers and I should of.. 

it would of make it easier to tell you which one to do. Sorry

Now highlight the next layer down 3rd and apply the Xenofex / constellation on it.. do not move any

settings just click the random seed button.

Back to PSP highlight the bottom (last) layer , go apply Xenofex 2/ constellation on it.. clicking the

radom seed button again.

Bottom line:  all 3 bottom layers should of had Xenofex 2/constellation applied on them...

 using the random seed button on the last 2

#15. Your layer palette should look like the one above in step #10 ..

 now X out (hide) 2 of the bottom black round bkgs...layers on the palette..

Go to the top of the canvas window and right click and

COPY MERGE  go to your animation shop and right click on its desk top and paste as a new animation..

#16. Back to PSP....Now hide the 2nd bkg layer black round bkg..

that you had showing and UN hide the next one down..

 right click on top.. and COPY MERGE again.. go to your

animation shop and right click on the new animation we're building..

 and paste behind currant frame... Back to PSP and now

Hide the black round bkg that's showing and UNHIDE the last bottom one.. 

 right click COPY MERGE... back to Animation Shop and right click

 on frame and paste behind current frame... you should have

three frames there now..

check your animation by clicking on this animation preview button

... to see if it looks alright.

Always do that before you send it in email to where ever..

 don't want it to have a mistake and you not notice but every one else does..

#17.  What I did before I saved the animation...

 I selected all frames then Shift + X so that it would export it back to

PSP. Notice in the layer palette it's named them frame 1, frame 2, & frame 3

Using your magic wand tool (set on 20 tolerance 0 feather) I selected areas of

the bow and anything else you want to select.. and applied noise tool to it

Using 21%  24% and 26% noise on each of the animation frame layers

X to close it.. No to save.. but YES to save updated back to Animation shop..

Save it as a GIF... use the setting.. of 255 colors.. and Optimized Median Cut..



Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.. till the next one..