This is a simple lil tutorial I think any level PSP user can do.

You know through the years of learning PSP.. and later teaching it...I found I liked the tutorials

 that didn't ASSUME that I knew where a tool was or HOW to do something even though its

simple to most of us.. when learning PSP its all confusing.. SOOO I write my tutorials AS IF it

were back when I was learning the program.. I try to show you how, why and where things are lol..

 I hate even now.. as much as I know about it.. to do a tutorial that has

 just words and no pictures lol... call me a visual learner I guess.

I used the art work of ęSuzanne Woolcoot.  You can not buy Suzanne's tubes anymore.. but if you were

lucky enough to buy them when they were available please use your

license on your tag.

My license is SW 881


The kit I used is mine, made for this tutorial. Its tagger sized so the file size wont be so big.



Supplies include mask and dove animation

When you unzip the supplies zip.. put your mask in your docs/mypspfiles/mask folder..

#1. Start off with a new image 700 x 700, *file/new* you can resize later if this is too big.

#2. Open one of the bkg papers supplied in the scrapset... Copy and

paste or simply drag the bkg paper layer from the layer palette to the new image window.

#3. Make sure you are on the bkg layer on the layer palette and

 apply the mask that was supplied or one of your own.

 *Go to layers/load-save mask/load mask from disk.*  Use these settings below.

#4. Merge the group...*layers/merge/group*

NOTE: remember to get in the habit of renaming your layers... that way you will

 keep the layers straight. On the layers palette right click on that layer and rename.

#5. Once you have merged the mask layers.. RESIZE that layer by 70%. *Go to image/resize.*

You should have a raster layer 1 under the merged mask layer.. fill this layer with white...

#6. On the mask layer apply a 3D drop shadow using these settings below.

*Effects/3D effects/drop shadow*

#7. Copy and paste the frame that was in the kit zip. Resize frame

about 80%.*Image/resize*

#8. Using your Point to Point Selection tool,

drag to each corner of the frame as shown. Open another bkg paper and copy and paste it over to the new image

 window.. make sure its layer is below the frame layer.. if not click and drag it below from layer palette.. 


#9. INVERT your selection and while the BKG PAPER layer is selected

or highlighted on the layer palette.. hit DELETE on the keyboard

or cut. This will cut away the extra from around the edges of the frame.

#10. Apply a 3D drop shadow on the frame. Use settings below.

# 11. You new image should look like below.

#12.  Now here is where individuality comes into play.. you use whatever

 elements you want.. bows, buttons, doodle.. flowers etc arrange them any way you like...

#13. I put my text on a separate layer in vector... so you can size it exactly the right size.

#14. When I get it like I want it.. the text.. I merge just the frame,

the frame bkg paper and the text, then use the deformation tool and turn it to the left some.

#15. Copy and paste whatever tube you wanted to use.. don't forget your 3D drop shadow!..

*ok ok that's a pet peeve of mine lol.. I hate to see a tag with no 3D drop shadows on the tubes..

also another thing people sometimes forget, when you resize something... 99.9% of the time you will need to SHARPEN ONCE.*

#16. Time to crop if you need to. This is after you get all the elements

on there and everything positioned like you want. 

I have a habit of using the rectangle selection tool then Crop

to selection.. BUT there is a crop tool in PSP   both these ways work...After you crop merge all layers..           

* more than one way to skin a cat* lol


#17. While in PSP, right click on top of the image window and COPY.

Open your animation shop and right click on its desk top and PASTE

 as new Animation. OPEN the dove animation that was in the supplies zip.

Well its not a true animation.. its not a GIF file but its a psp animation file.

It has 8 frames... *I had recolored the dove frames to match the colors in the tag.*

#18. Go to Edit/ select all.  or Ctrl + A on keyboard..

to select all the frames in the dove animation.

also not shown is on your new tag animation you just pasted as new animation..

you will have to duplicate that ONE frame there to same amount of frames as

 the dove animation.. so use the duplication frame button. Click

 it as many times as you need to get a total of 8 frames there...Clicking it

four times will get you 9 frames.. Delete ONE. then you will be fixed :)

ok select all frames on the dove animation and all frames on your new animation.

# 19. Drag frame ONE of the dove animation over to the frame ONE of

 the new animation.. dont let go of your mouse button UNTIL you have

the dove in the exact place you want.. if you let go and its not.. just go

 to EDIT / UNDO.. do that to both animations. and try again.

#20. Check your new animation.. with the preview animation button. If you

 want to change the speed of the animation... have all frames highlighted

and right click on any of them and go to frame properties. the higher the number there the slower the animation will be.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.. till next time my sweet PSP lovers..