Sample Project


For this tutorial
you will need:


Plugins used:

Xenofex 2 *Constellation*


Mura's Meister Copies

Visual Manipulation *Transmission*

Fantastic Machine Paint Engine

This zip file contains the MMcopies, FMPE and VM



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This tutorial was written using PSP 9, but can be done in other versions with a few adjustments.

** Remember to save your work often! **

The artwork of ©Suzanne Woolcott was used also.. you can't buy her tubes anymore.. but must have a license # to use..

Mine is #SW881

1. Open a new transparent image 500 x 500  Flood fill using white.

2.Use your preset shape tool   and pick you a shape.... also the fill color and the outside line color.

I used Black as the outline color and #6a99ce for the fill.

3. Set your preset shape tool on Vector UNCHECKED...Retain Style UNCHECKED... Line style plain straight line. COPY & PASTE the tube on a new layer... **Be sure you rename your layers so you wont get confuses as to what is what!!!

4. Now duplicate your snowflake layer, Hide the top duplicated layer of it.. make sure the original bottom Snowflake layer is selected on the layer palette... Go to Plugins/Mura's Meister *copies*.. Before you apply this plugin you might have to resize the snowflake a little smaller.. Main NO NO is don't have the snowflake design running OFF the edge.. that would look bad.. don't have it really close to the edges... so might have to play with the MM copies settings.

5. Once that plugin is applied, use Visual manipulations  *Transmission* using these settings below.... these settings depend on what color you use.. or just what looks good to YOU.

6. Select all on the Copies Snowflake layer and Float... then go back to selections/Modify/ contract about 8 pixels... this also depends on your shape. Click OK

7. While its still selected go to selections INVERT


8. Adjust/ Brightness and Contrast/ Gamma Correction. Use the settings below to darken it.. Have the colors LINKED...

9. Select NONE... Still on the bottom snowflake layer.. go to Plugins/ Fantastic Machine Paint Engine.. use settings below.. or what looks good to you..

10. Apply a 3D drop shadow... settings below.

11. Time to UNHIDE the top duplicated layer of the Snowflake.. duplicate this layer 2 times.. so you will end up with 3 layers of it.

Starting at the top duplicated layer... apply the Xenofex 2 Constellation plugin effect to it... use the settings below.. on each one below this one. use same settings BUT hit the random seed button.. if you don't.. then the animation wont look right.  SAVE OFTEN


12. Don't forget to apply a 3D drop shadow on each of those Xenofex 2 layers... same settings on each.

13.  You should have the top girl tube layer on the layer palette  the next 3 layers are the Xenofex2 snowflakes, then the bottom MM copy snowflake that has been merged with the white bkg layer.

14.  In this step.. I show you one way to put text on your new tag you just made. Add a new layer.. and use your PEN tool.

For some reason this really gives some people lots of probs using bezier curves.

Once you get your curve.. you click on your Text Tool... left click any where on the curve when you see the  A with rocker under it


15. Click where the left pink arrow is...and let go of mouse... then go up to where the Text will end and click HOLD down mouse button and pull the arrows out.. making the bezier curve in the shape you need.


16. Once you have your curve like you want.. you click on your Text tool and click anywhere on the bezier curve and you will see the A with the rocker under it.. CLICK.. TYPE YOUR TEXT.. on the layer palette.. you will see the vector layers.. the line and the text... click the PLUS sign to open that vector layer and X out the new path.. that's the line that you don't want to keep.. then right click and convert to raster.. If you don't want your TEXT on a curve then just apply text however you would like...

Remember the rule of thumb.. when you add a new layer for text or such.. you have to duplicate it to same amount of layers as the others.. you should have 3 text layers.. 3 of the Xenofex 2 snowflake layers and 3 of the merge bkg layer * white with the MMcopies snowflake merged down on it*

You should end up with 3 merged layer that you Save AS  Animation Shop (*.psp) format then Open it in Animation Shop and SAVE as  a GIF.  You project should look like this when done.. good luck.. have fun... good wishes... holler if you need help.. hehe... till next time..



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