this is a simple tutorial to do...#1.  open element scatter2.png resize 78%  Shift +D to duplicate the window.. close the original.. go to Image / canvas size 900 x 900

#2. Open Journal 13 and tube of your choice. I used Suzanne Woolcotts lil girl license#881 you can no longer buy her tubes... Hope you have a collection of her lil girls like I do ..#3.Position the tube behind the Journal element 13 like shown below. Apply a 3D drop shadow to bother the journal 13 and the tube merge down..

Scrapkit used for this tutorial is my ownPersonal Use  Garden of Purples



#4.just follow which elements I used in the capture blow to 'build your tag.. like I said it is not hard to do... don't forget your 3D drop shadow on EACH element you use.


That's all just build your tag how you want it to look

toodles till next time