In this tutorial I am using PSP 9 it can be done in other versions as well..

It requires that you have a working knowledge of your PSP tools.

The scrapkit I used is my own that I made for this tutorial.  In the zipped folder,

 I have another folder for some of the resized elements that I used for the tut.

 I also included the larger sizes too. I included the Mask that I used in the tutorial.

DOWNLOAD supplies and scrapkit.

Used in the tutorial is Eye Candy Xenofex2 *Constellation*

 effect also for the drop letters animation.. Ulead GIF Animator 5

I used the cute artwork of ęSuzanne Woolcott  You can't buy her tubes anymore..

but if you did get them before.. be sure to use your license #

Mine is SW881 & NOWHAMI

Below is the finished project...

#1. Open the HeartRound4Tut.png in the resized folder from supplies zip.

Also open the Scalloped circle4tut.png  Copy and paste it into the Heart round canvas.. and place like below.

#2. Copy and paste a bkg paper... now I resized one for you but you might

 want to use another. It should be on the bottom layer...

don't forget to name your layers.. so you can keep them straight.

#3. Go to Image/canvas size and make it 850 x 850.. when done you can resize later.

#4. You should have added space around that bkg you added in the steps above.


#5. You can open the mask that's in the supplies zip. Go to Layers/New Mask Layer/ from image.

6. Use settings below

#7. Merge group *the Mask's 3 layers* then duplicate it and position like below.


#8. You can apply a 3D drop shadow on the frame and the Heart Round.

#9. Copy and paste your elements on your canvas and also the tube you're using.

Don't forget to apply your 3D shadows...

In my opinion.. your project isn't complete with out your 3D shadows!!

Position every thing the way you want it. I also used a brush on the

white bkg layer.. you can use any kind you want.. whatever looks good to you..

#10. I copied and pasted the double frame as shown below

and put the butterfly by it. Don't forget copyright info.

#11. Now is the time to crop if its got too much white around the sides..

and merge all layers and resize too if its too big for you.  SAVE as a jpg file format.


#12. Open your Ulead GIF Animator 5 program. Go to file/ open image.  

 Find the saved jpg you just finished in your PSP.  Go to FRAME/ ADD BANNER TEXT  The box below pops up.

#13. Make sure your on the Text tab and type in your words, choose your

 font and color.. can add a 3D shadow on it also if you want.  I had to put

a few spaces between the words for it to be positioned on the frames right.

Note: When the Add Banner Text box popped up the text was way at the top.. you just click and drag the text down to where you want it....

#14. Now on the Effect tab,  you have all kinds of choices on how you want

the text to ENTER the tag and how it Exits the tag.. so as you can see I

 choose Merge Horizontally to enter and Fade to exit.. you can preview what

it looks like by clicking the Start Preview button.. you have to STOP preview

 to do any changes.. once you're happy with the animation effects.. click OK.

Note: You can adjust how many animation frames the transitions will take.. remember the more frames

the smoother and better your animation will be.. the less the more jerky it will be... I like around

 20 all together. This was still a small file size even for 20 frames.

You will have two choices there.. choose the one it recommends. 'Create as a banner text'

#15.. SAVE AS a GIF... I had a prob with my Save as.. for

some reason it would NOT save as a GIF not sure if it cause

of having Vista or what.. but ended up saving as an AVI and opening in

PSP's animation shop and resaving as a GIF... that worked.. maybe you wont have that prob.. :)

#16. I ended up with 20 frames..

#17.  I selected all the frames in A.S and exported to PSP, as shown below....

I wanted some noise animation on some places and also some sparkles with Xenofex 2

#18.. SOOOOO I used my magic wand, set on 20 tolerance and clicked

around where I wanted to add the noise at. Below see the wing area on both the Gorjuss Fairy and my butterfly.

#19. Ok you got 20 layers or so you're going to have to add this noise to...

So I used 16, 18, and 20 and just alternated all the way down each of the

 20 frames... hope you know what I mean by that.. starting at the top

Noise 20, then 18 on next layer then 16 on 3rd layer down  on 4th layer

set it to 20% noise, 18% so on and so on till you get down to the bottom.

Unselect when you get done with all the noise on the layers.

#20. I made a new selection with the magic

wand and selected her crown... and part of the jewel.


#21. While its selected go to Effects/plugins/ Xenofex 2/ Constellation.

Use the settings below on the first frame at the top. On each frame

going down the list.. just go to the Xenofex 2 and hit Random Seed 

don't have to change any setting now.. RANDOM SEED.

#22. When you have added Noise AND the Xenofex 2 effect on

ALL those frames like you want... then click the X on the top right to close it out..

This pops up.. click NO

Then this pops up.. click YES

When in Animation Shop SAVE AS your new animation..  in GIF format.. then your done!!!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.. Have fun