Time for another tutorial :)

Supplies are a few elements out of my

 PTU scrapkit 'It's all about Flowers '.  You can purchase the whole kit from my BLOG Store.

ęSuzanne Woolcott artwork is used in this tutorial..

Her tubes can not be purchased anymore, so if you purchased them while they were available please use

your license # on your tag. My License is SW881 & NOWHAMI

This tutorial uses the plugin Xenofex 2/ Constellation effect

#1. Open one of the scallop backs, whichever color you would like to use. Shift + D

to duplicate the canvas. Close the original image. Resize the back 80%... have the all layers

UNCHECKED on the resize window. Add a new layer and drag to bottom.. fill with white.

 Open one of the triple frames and copy and paste in a new layer to your canvas

 with the scallop back and white background.. see the layer palette below.

* always a good habit to get into when your first learning PSP to rename your layers so you will not get mixed up with your layers*

#2. Decide which bkg tile you are going to use to apply a mask to. Might have to

 resize it. It needs to be smaller than the canvas. Copy and paste it to a new layer..

 make sure this layer is between the bottom white bkg and the scallop back.

Apply a mask to this layer. If you need help with masks I have a tutorial on MASKS.

#3.After you apply the mask, there will be 3 of the mask layers merge/ group.

#4. Below, using your magic wand... click on the center of the frames.

Make sure your selection tool Mode is on ADD.

#5. Select a bkg paper.. resize where its smaller than your canvas. Position behind the frame layer.

INVERSE the selection and making sure your on the bkg paper layer CUT...

 it should cut all the extra bkg paper from the outside of the frame area.

#6. Copy and paste the tubes/pngs that your going to use inside the

 frames now.. apply a 3D drop shadow on them and also on the frame.

#7. I used the pen tool   and the  freehand to draw this line as

show below. After the line is drawn... you click the Text Tool   touch your

 cursor to the line and your pointer will turn to a A with a rocker

 on the bottom...then type out what you want up on this line.

#8. Both the line and the Text will be Vector.. so on your layer palette where it says Vector...

 click the PLUS sign to expand the layers, there you will see the ' new path '

 layer there.. that's the first drawn line you freehanded.. now we don't want that...

 so X out that layer.. then right click on the layer and rasterize it.


#9. Below I added a 3D drop shadow to the Text.

#10. Merge all the top layers EXCEPT the MASK layer and the White Bkg layer.

Then duplicate the mask layer 2 times so you will end up with 3 of the Mask layers.

 Don't forget to add your copyright info on the top merged layer.

#11. I also added the Bee and a few lady bugs too.. to the top merged layer.

#12 On the bee layer... when I applied a drop shadow on him...

I made sure that the 'shadow on a new layer ' was checked on the Drop Shadow box..

#13. That way I was able to erase the shadow that is just around the wings... so they could be partially transparent.

#14. You should just have the Merged layer on top... the 3 mask layers next

and then the white bkg layer on bottom. HIDE two of the mask layers

and on the mask layer that's not hid go to effects/Xenofex 2/ Constellation

and use these settings below. You might have to ' tweak '

 the settings some depending on what kind of mask you use. 

#15. Apply the Xenofex 2 Constellation to the other two mask layers but each time...

 click the RANDOM SEED button.. that way the settings change some on each of the mask layers.

#16. Hide 2 of the mask layers * X out the layers on layer palette* then up at

 top of window.. click COPY MERGED . Open your animation shop and right click

on the desktop and copy as a new animation.  Go back to PSP and Hide the

previous Mask layer and Unhide one of the other mask layers... up at top of

window.. COPY MERGED.. back to animation shop and  right click

on that new animation you've started and PASTE behind current frame...

back to PSP  hide that mask layer that you had un hid and un hid the

last * 3rd* one make sure only one mask layer is visible when you COPY MERGED .

#17. In animation shop.. you SHOULD have 3 frames now to your new animation...

click the preview animation button.. to see if everything looks alright...

IF YOU WANT to make the Bee's eyes blink... select the MIDDLE frame..

and type Shift+ X and it will take it back to PSP... ADD a new layer above the

 Frame layer....Zoom in real close to the Bee. Use your round selection tool and

draw a circle over each eye... make sure to go a lil outside of the white. Fill these circles with black..

#18. Use the rectangle selection tool and draw a rectangle over the black circles.

 HALF way down.. then hit CUT or DELETE.. make sure your on the black

 circle layer or you will be cutting something you don't want cut!!!!

#19. Merge the two layers... click the X to close the window... click NO on the first window

#20. Click YES on this second window.

#21. Check your animation again.. to see if it looks alright.. if not UNDO from EDIT menu and start over...

You can also RESIZE your animation.. from inside of animation shop.. go to

 Animation/ resize.. use these settings below..  SAVE AS A GIF... and your done!!! 

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial... let me know if you need any help..


Toodles Till next time!!



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