Scrapkit used for this tutorial is Crazy Carita's exclusive kit 'Ageless Beauty'

Tube used is ęBarbara Jensen's artwork. Inkling Bonus tube

WSL_Mask 141 used.. put it in your masks folder

Screenworks plugin is used. also EyeCandy 5 Textures

word art

This tutorial was written for PSP X 8


#1. Open pp6.jpg  Shift + D to duplicate close the original. The duplicate is now your working image.

Right click on the paper layer and promote background layer.

Go to Image/Canvas Size 900 x 900 Center justify.  You can resize smaller later.

Apply the mask to the bkg paper.

#2. using theses settings below

#3. After you apply the mask to the paper layer.. merge/merge group.. duplicate the mask layer.. position them side by side

#4. Merge the two mask layers and flip up... duplicaet then flip the duplicated one..down

your image should look like this below. Then merge all visible

#5. Open el10.png  Drag its layer from the layer palette.. over to your working image.

Position the frame in the middle.


#6.  Using your magic wand click on the inside of the round frames to select the center

Modify , Expand 5 pixels

#7. Drag pp5.jpg paper over to your working image , position this layer below the frame layer.

INVERT selection, click Delete on the paper layer, That cuts all the extra off of the paper.

#8. Now Open the tube of the girl ou are going to use. Drag her below the frame layer.. position her head area in one frame..

duplicate her and mirror.. position her other head in the right frame..

#9. Make sure you're on the tube layer on the layer palette.. click Delete/ cut on both of the tube layers.

Your image should look like below. Apply a 3 d drop shadow on the frame and on the two girl tubes.


#10. Merge the two heads  then duplicate the head layers. Apply the Net pattern of Screen works ,

then set the blend mode to screen on the top head layers.

#11. Open el24.png , drag its layer over to your working mage. duplicate itnad mirror.. and position them

like below. Apply a 3D drop shadow on the right fan using settings below..

#12.Settings below on 3D Drop shadow on left Fan.


Open el23.png drag it to your working image.

Open el7.png drag its layer over below the el23.png layer duplicate and mirror.

Open el16.png  drag its layer over to working image.. duplicate, mirror.. position as shown below el17.png

#14.  Add a new layer and drag to the bottom of your layer palette.. fill with white..

Hide all the layers on the bottom.. like the white bkg... the mask..AND thedot layer..

#15. Merge all the TOP layers together..

Then merge down the mask and the mask layer... having the dot layer all by its self.. DUPLICATE the dot layer 2 times so you end up with 3 layers of it..

#16.. your layer palette should look like below.

In PSP  you can resize your working image 82% if you'd like..

#17. Apply the noise filter to each one of the Dot layers. starting with

#18. Apply the same settings to the two other dot layers  just hitting the Random Seed button each time

When your done with these settings... hide the two bottom Dot layers.. and have the rest of the layers un hid...

Right click on the working image and COPY your animation shop

 paste as a new animation...

Back to PSP  hide the top Dot layer and unhide the middle dot layer and have all the other layers showing..

Right click on top of window and COPY MERGED.. back to animation shop and paste after current frame..

back to PSP and hide the middle dot layer and un hide the bottom dot layer..COPY MERGED..

BACK  to animation shop and paste behind current frame...

When done you should have 3 frames to your new animation.. don't forget your copyright info!!

Save as a GIF.. and you're done!!!