Scrapkit used for this tutorial is Pink Paradox Productions ' Glitter of the Sea'

artwork of ŠNocturne used also you can purchase  the tube HERE

My license to use # PFD_Swt59

Vix_StPat2013-1 Seems everyone has trouble finding the masks..sooooooo

I've included the mask in the supplies zip.

Supplies (mask and word art) put the mask in your mask folder

This tutorial was written in PSP X6. Must have a working knowledge of PSP...Well it helps :)

Eye Candys Xenofex 2/ Constellation is used.


#1. Open element 156.png  Shift + D to duplicate window..

 close original. the duplicated one is your working image now. resize 60%

Image/canvas size 900 x 900 Center justify.

Open paper 9.jpg and use your curves to darken the color.. settings below..


#2. Resize the paper 80% copy and paste over to your working image.

Apply the mask that came in your supplies zip.. to the paper.

Merge/Merge group


#3. click K on the keyboard your deformation box should pop up around the mask layer

pull out on the corners of the mask.. some to enlarge the mask.. Note: don't pull out so far that it goes over the edges

#4. Apply a 3d shadow on the element.

#5. Open the Sea Frame 16.png and resize 70% copy and paste it over to working image.

Apply the same 3D drop shadow on it that you did the white element.

#6. open frame 23.png and resize 70%  colorize it, with settings below

#7. Open paper 9 again  resize 80%  copy and paste it over to your working image and position the paper layer below the glitter frame layer

#8. Using the magic wand tool click on the inside of the glitter frame.. go to Selections/modify/expand 5 pixels

INVERT be on the paper layer on the layer palette and CUT.. Apply a 3D drop shadow on the frame.

Hide the top layers above element 156..Click on its layer on the layer palette

 #9. Use the magic want tool and click on the outside of the element  Selections/Modify/ expand/ 25pixels.. Cut/Delete

Select none.

It should look like below...move it to the top left side of the image window.


#10 Open the tube you're going to use.. if you use the one shown.. resize it 40%

#11. apply a 3d drop shadow on it... put the shadow on its own layers by clicking the box at the bottom

Add a new layer and fill with white.. drag to bottom of layer palette.


#12. that way you can erase part of the shadow that's behind her tail where it still looks transparent.

when done erasing part of the shadow.. merge the mermaid and it's shadow.. Sharpen once

#13. Open element 83 resize 30% duplicate and mirror.

Open element 85  resize 50% duplicate and mirror (wait on putting the 3d shadow on the coral

open element 92 resize 65% put it below the other layers behind the mermaid.

Deform the sand where it's kind of flattened. See below. Don't let it go off the edge of the image.

#14. Open the Sea chest 38.png  resize 30% copy and paste to working image.. have it's layer below the mermaids.

open element 46.png resize 40%

open element 102.png resize 30% duplicate and mirror

open element 115 resize 25% duplicate and mirror.

Element 72.png  resize 30%

element 70  resize 35%

element 62 resize 30%

element 66 resize 35%

element 10 resize 30% colorize shown below


Placement of all the elements

#15. on this layer palette below it shows how I merged some elements I want the coral on its own layer white lattice and the mermaid too

I added a word art layer and copyright info layer.


#16. Duplicate the mermaid layer 2 times... the Coral layer 2 times

and the White lattice layer 2 times.. where you have 3 layers of each

#16. Use your selection tool and make a selection around the mermaids tail..

Use your selection tool (point to point) and select around the mermaid tail.. half way down the body.

#17.Apply the Constellation using these settings first time.. 2nd layer hit the random seed button

3rd layer of the mermaid  hit random seed button again.


#18. Use these same settings on all 3 of the coral layers.. hitting the random seed button each time.. like you did above.. the mermaid layers.

On the 3 lattice layers apply the noise effect at random, monochrome, 20%, 22% and 24% on each consecutive layers of the lattice layer.

Hide the 2nd and 3rd layers of the mermaid, coral &  lattice have all layers showing.. right click

on top of window and COPY MERGED..

Open your animation shop.. right click on desk top and paste as a new image.

back to PSP, hide the top Mermaid, coral & lattice layers and un hid the middle of those same layers right click on top COPY MERGED

back to animation shop and right click and paste behind current layer.

Back to PSP hide the middle mermaid, coral & lattice layers and UN hid the bottom of those same layers.

Right click on top and COPY MERGED

over to animation shop and paste after current layer. You should have 3 frames to your animation now..

Check it.. see if it looks ok.. (I had to do mine over again cause one of the coral layers didn't have the animation on there)

if it looks right.. SAVE AS a GIF..

Your done!! Toodles till next time