Scrapkit used for this tutorial is from Dees Sign Depot ' Give Thanks '

Artwork of ŠAlex Prihodko is also used  License # PFD_Swt60

Supplies (Mask, 2 mng Animations)

I wrote this tutorial using PSP X 9 on Oct 19, 2016


#1. Open paper 7.jpg  Shift + D to duplicate image.. close original .The copy

is now referred to your working image. Right click on the paper layer and promote background layer.

#2. Go to image / canvas size 900 x 1000 Center justify. ( we can crop later on) Apply the mask that was in your

supplies zip.


#3. Merge/ merge group . Use your deformation tool to pull out the corners of the mask.

#4. Duplicate mask layer. Merge down.

#5. Open paper 11. jpg  C & P it over to your working image

Use the magic wand tool and click on the inside area of the frame (have frame layer selected on layer palette.)

 go to Selections/ modify/ expand 10 pixels  INVERT the selection and CUT on the red paper layer.

#6. Apply a 3D drop shadow on the frame..

H= 0  V=5  Opacity 60% blur 12  black color... use this shadow setting for all your elements.

#7. Add a new layer and move to bottom of palette, fill with white.  Your image should look like the one below.

#8. Open element Swirl1.png resize 72% Use the deformation tool to turn it where it's more up and down.

Open E34.png (dk red flower bud) go to: image rotate left... resize 50% mirror,  C & P your working image.

Open E44.png (sunflower) resize 68% (sharpen)

Open E33.png (dk red flower) resize 75% (Sharpen)

Open E41.png (Greenish Oak Leaf) resize 55% (sharpen)  Duplicate, mirror and flip

Open E39.png (Gold leaf)  resize 60%  mirror and flip, Sharpen

Open E29.png (lil pod cluster) resize 50%  duplicate  mirror and flip the duplicate, Sharpen

Open E30.png (Gold Maple leaf) resize 50% Sharpen

Open the tube you're going to use if you use the same one as myself  resize it 50% or to whatever size you

need it.

Open E38.png (red bow) colorize it

#9. Then go to Adjustments/ Brightness and Contrast/ Curves

#10. Cut off the left tail of the bow where both are even.

Resize 75% sharpen.

#11. Open E13b resize 90% sharpen. Position it below the yellow sunflower.

Open Wordart.png resize 82%

Open Sparkle.png

Open E7.png (Owl) resize 50%

#12. Merge the background under the frame, mask and white bkg layers

Then hide the merged bottom layers.

on the layer palette.. click on the top layer and right click and merge/ visible

Now you should have only 2 layers on the layer palette. Your image should look kind of like the one below :)

Don't forget all your 3D drop shadows on all the elements and the copyright info for the tube you used.

#13. Open your animation shop

In PSP hide the merged top layers just have the merged bottom layers showing..

Right click on the top of your image and COPY MERGED.

In Animation shop right click on the desktop and paste as a new animation.

Open the two animations that was in the supplies zip.

Gold Grass and gold sparkles down

The GoldGrass.mng has 14 frames... duplicate your new working animation (merged bottom layers) till it has14 frames also

Do this the same way you've done all my animation tutorials

Select all the frames in each of the animations, the new one and the gold grass one.. Click, hold mouse button down and drag F: 1 of the grass animation over to

F:1 of your bottom layers animation.. position it on the bottom of the red rectangle there in middle..

Check your animation now and see if all looks ok.. if so proceed.

Back to PSP. Hide the bottom merged layers and unhide the top merged layers.. right click and COPY MERGED AGAIN.. Over in animation shop

right click and paste as a new animation... duplicate the one frame till you have 14 frames.. select all the frames.

Click, hold mouse button down and move the F: 1 of the top layers over to your new working animation.

be sure to line it up perfectly. don't let go of mouse till it's positioned correctly.


Now the mng animation Gold Sparkles down... has more than 14 frames but that wont matter this time.. select all frames

Click, hold mouse button down F: 1 of the gold sparkles over to F: 1 of your  working animation. I put it on the top flower, but you can put it where you want

Check your animation now if all looks ok.. Save as a GIF.


Toodles till next time