this kit I used for this tutorial is a freebie from Sweet Shop by KHartley 'Garnet Garden'

direct download

I used the artwork of Pinup Toons  must purchase and have a license # to use

mine is # CDO-2339

Mask WSL_Mask311



#1. Open the frame.png  Shift + D to duplicate.. close original. the duplicate is now your working image.

Resize 30% Select All/ Modify/contract 40 pixels / Crop to selection

Image/Canvas size 850 x 850pixels/ Center justify

#2. Open the tube your going to use.. copy and paste it over to your working image.. her layer should be above the frame layer.

#3. Open paper pp1.jpg resize 22% copy and paste it to your working image.

#4. Use your deformation tool (set on scale) on the mask and pull out the corners

Be sure not to pull out too much for it to touch the sides of your image..

#5. Apply a 3D drop shadow on the tube.. have it checked where it will put the shadow on it's own layer.

then erase the bottom of the shadow.

#6. Open paper PP3.jpg  resize 22% copy and paste it to your working image.

drag its layer below the frame but on top of the mask layer.

#7. Use your rectangle selection tool and pull out a rectangle  over the frame.

Invert... and cut on the tan paper layer.

8.Your image should look like below... Add a 3D drop shadow on the frame layer.

#9. open the element music stamp.png  resize it 40% copy and paste it to your working image.

Erase on the sides where it shows past the frame

#10. Open the Torn paper element  resize 25%

placement below

#11. Open flower.png  resize 28%  don't forget all elements get a 3D drop shadow.

open the leaf resize 20%  duplicate and use the deformation tool on it.. K on the keyboard will bring up the deformation tool

#12. Add a new layer drag to the bottom of the layer palette and fill with white.

Open the Love word art and resize 28% copy and paste it to your working image.

#13. I merged all the top layers.. then merged the mask and white bkg together..

Resized all layers 85% Sharpened the top layers with the girl tube.. she was a lil blurry.


#14. If you don't want to do the last few steps with animation... just save as a jpg / compression set at 1 (options are on SAVE AS box.)

if you want to do the noise animation... duplicate the top merged layers.. 2 times so you end up with 3 layers of the top merged layers.

#15.. Use your magic wand tool set on 20 tolerance and click on the rose.. all around it..

#16. Apply the noise effect on each of the merged top layers

Start at 13%  15% and 17% on the 3 layers..

#17. Open your animation shop

in PSP have the top layer merged layer showing and hide the other 2 merged layers..

 don't forget and show all the bottom layers too

Right click on the image window and COPY MERGED  go to Animation shop and right cick on the desktop and paste as a new animation.

You should know the routine with this.. but I will go through the steps for you again

over to PSP, hide the top merged layer and UN hide the middle merged layer right click on top and COPY MERGED

back to animation shop and right click on your new animation there and paste after current frame.

in PSP hide the middle merged layer and UN hide the bottom merged layer.

in Animation shop  right click and paste after current frame.. You should have 3 frames to your animation... Check to see if it looks right..

if it does.. SAVE AS a GIF


Toodles till next time