Scrapkit used for this tutorial a Facebook FTU kit .. by StudioFlergs 'Frozen'  HERE

Studio Flergs Free kit is not available anymore so here is direct DOWNLOAD

Artwork of ŠAlex Prihodko


Mask DD_WinterMask_1.jpg  HERE

 Included in the supplies zip:

(2 snow animations , bow, graphic for frame & the scatter that's in the kit but I took it to

Photoshop and put a bevel on it for you.)

One of the snow animations is a 3 frames  the other is 10 frames... I used the 3 frame one.

You must have a working knowledge of PSP.. or you'd be as confused as all get out!!!

#1. Open the element flergs-frozen-frame.png  Resize 40%

Shift + D to duplicate the window.. close original. The duplicated frame is now your

working image.

#2. Image/ Canvas size/ 900 x 900... can always resize when done.

#3. Open paper flergs-frozen-pp5.jpg   resize23% copy and paste it into your working image.

Make sure the paper's layer is below the frame layer.



#4. Apply the DD_WinterMask_1.jpg to the paper layer, Merge / merge group.



#5. Use your deformation tool and pull the edges of the mask layer out.. till your almost to the edges of the window...

 DON'T pull out too far where it goes off the side.

#6. Flip the Mask layer...Duplicate and Mirror the duplicated Mask layer.

Line the 2 mask layers like below...notice the curls on the top.. have them the same

level, so its even.

#7. Open the  robert-finale-home-for-the-holidays.jpg . Copy and paste the winter

scene into your working image. Position it under the frame but on top of

the mask layers.

#8. Use your magic wand, select the frame layer on the layer palette and

click inside the frame area, go to Selections/Modify/Expand 10 pixels.

INVERT. Now highlight the winter scene layer on the layer palette.

Cut or Delete. Unselect  The extra hang over of the winter scene should be gone.

See above image for sample.

#9 Below, you can see I added the tube to my working image, adding

the 3D drop shadow to it... I used this color for shadow on ALL the elements..

Black seemed a lil too harsh.

#10. Next you will be opening these following elements, resizing,then copying & pasting into your working image.

flergs_frozen_scatter.png    80% (the one I fixed in the supplies zip)

flergs_frozen_foliage2.png    25%

flergs_frozen_foliage1.png    15%

 (duplicated, mirrored and flipped)

Refer to pic below



flergs_frozen_flower1.png    25%  (duplicate 2 times)

Bow (from supplies)    50%

flergs_frozen_flower2.png    20%

flergs_frozen_snowflake.png   15% (duplicate 4 times)

flergs_frozen_fancyflake.png    15% (duplicate once)

flergs_frozen_pin.png    22%

(use your deformation tool to move the pin to the angle below)

erase in the center of the pin.. so that it looks like it's going through the rose.

(below the bow is not shown...)


#12. Your image should look like below.. OR do your own thing....and what you like.

(bow not shown)

#13. Now hide all your layers except your mask layers and the winter scene layer. Merge visible..

Hide the bottom layer you just merged and UN-hide all the top layers/elements, Merge visible.

You should have 2 layers on your layer palette. Now would be a good time to resize your image...

Sharpen the top layer once. Don't forget to put the copyright info on the top frame layer.


#14. Add a new layer , drag it to the bottom of the layer palette. Fill with white.. or whatever color you want.


#15. Merge the mask layer down with the white bkg layer. Highlight the bottom mask layer and

 right click on the top of the image window & copy merge.

#16.  Open your Animation Shop and right click on it's desk top and paste as a new animation.

Click on the duplicate button twice.. (below) So you should have 3 frames for your new animation.. The reason

I want 3 is because the snow animation I'm using has 3 frames... however many frames your animation

has.. then you want the same amount of frames for the new animation (mask and oval)

#17. Open the 3 framed snow animation, select all frames

on your new animation with the mask.. select all the frames too.

Click, hold and drag the F:1 of the snow animation over to the F:1 of your new animation.. be sure to position

the snow exactly in the middle of the oval, coving all the will go out beyond the over a lil

bit but that's ok.. the top frame layers will cover that.

#18.  Click your preview animation button .. to see if its 'snowing' on all 3 frames of your new animation..

if all well.. proceed... if not UNDO and start it over..

#19. Go back to PSP, on the layer palette hide the bottom mask/oval layer

 Highlight the merged top layers with tube, elements and frame. Right click on top of window

and click copy merged. Go back to animation shop and right click on it's desktop and paste as new animation.

Duplicate two times so you have 3 frames just like before.

Select all the frames... and Click, hold and drag the F:1 of the top layers animation over to your

working animation.  Really have to be careful and line this up just so so..

Below I have arrows pointing to key parts to watch for.. don't let go of your mouse when dragging

till you've lined it up perfect.. watch the bottom.. you don't want the silver leaf to be off the frame.

Also up at the top  , its easy to not line it up right were the frame is too high and it shows

where the oval underneath stops.. I did that the first time I let go and had to undo and restart mine :)


Once you get it all lined up right... you should have 3 perfect frames there.. click your

animation preview button to check to see if the new animation looks good.. if all is ok.

Save as a .gif and your done!!


Toodles till next tutorial