I used the scrapkit of Crazy Carita's 'Freedom Day'

also the PTU ŠPINUP Toon's tube must purchase and have a license # to use

mine is $ CDO-2339

SUPPLIES  (MASK( put it in your mask folder) AND FIREWORK ANIMATIONS)

I wrote this tutorial using PSP X 6.

#1. Open the element el6.png (frame) Shift + D to duplicate it.. close the original. The duplicate is your working image now.

Image/Canvas size/ 900 x 900 center justify.

Open the tube you're going to use.. if it is the one shown... copy and paste it over to your working image.

#2. Have its layer on top of the frame layer.. use your magic wand tool and click on the inside of the frame, then invert the selection and

being sure your on the tube's layer erase the bottom parts of the tube that over hang.

Don't erase any part of the tube at the top..


#3. Open pp1.jpg copy and paste it over to your working image. Move it to the right and up... so that some of the red that's

in the paper shows. Click on the inside of the frame using your magic wand tool

 #4. Go to selections/modify/ expand 8 pixels. INVERT and CUT.

your image should look like below

 #5. Open pp9.jpg  copy and paste it over to working image.. Use your deformation tool to pull out

the edges where its almost as big as your window.



#6. Layers/ load/save mask/load from disk Find your mask in the drop down preview window.

Use the settings below.

#7. Use the deformation tool (clicking K on the keyboard to bring up deformation tool) and pull out the mask layer.. to enlarge but don't let it go over the edges.

#8. Add a new layer.. drag to bottom.. fill with white.

Open el21a.png, el21.png

#9.Open el16.png Duplicate and colorize with settings below. Open el17.png resize 75%

Don't forget your 3D drop shadows.


#10. Open el13.png, el14.png & el24.png  resize all 45%

See positions below


#11. Merge all the top layers and the bottom layers.. see layer palette below

Resize 85% all layers  might have to sharpen the top layers .

#12. Hide the bottom layers and right click on the top of the image.. Copy Merged..

Open your animation shop. right click on it's desktop and paste as a new animation.

Open the two animation files that was in the zip... Delete the first BLACK frame that has the creators info on it..

 Ctrl + A to select all frames.. on each one of them One of the animations has 29 frames and one has 21 frames.. its ok..

 just duplicate the new animation from PSP to 29 frames too

on your new animation you pasted from PSP.. duplicate till you have 29 frames.. Ctrl + A to select all the frames in that one..

Drag F: 1 from one of the fireworks animation.. over to F:1 of your new animation.. do this with each of the animations that were in the

supplies zip. You click hold mouse down and drag the frame over do NOT let go of mouse until you place the animation where you want it.

when you get the two animations placed right.. I used the Red fireworks twice then the red, white & blue one once...

go back to PSP and hide the bkg layers and only have the merged top layers showing.. right click on top and do COPY MERGED. over to

animation shop and right click on desktop.. paste as a new animation... duplicate it till you have 29 frames.

Drag its F:1 over to the other animation your working on... Click hold drag over till you be sure to place it exactly where it lines up.

Check your new animation now.. if all looks right.. Save as a GIF


Toodles till next time.