All of my tutorials this year are created with PSP X6.

Kit used for this tutorial is Tiny Turtle Designs ' Fated Love'

Artwork of ŠNocturne used.. must purchase and have a license # to use..

Supplies (2  mng animations, WSL_Mask220, and word art ) Put the mask file in your mask folder

I included in the supplies zip.. the mng animation of just the wings with the underwater effect on them if you have probs

doing them just in case.


#1. Open paper 5.jpg   Shift + D to duplicate the image.. close the original.. the copy is now your working image.

Right click on the background layer on the palette and promote background layer.

#2. Go to layers/load/save mask/ load mask from disk... Find the mask that you saved from your supplies zip.

Use the settings below.

#3. Merge/ merge group.

Go to Image/ canvas size  900 x 900 center justify.

Open paper 9.jpg  copy and paste it over to your working image.. drag its layer below the frame layer.

Use your magic wand tool to select the inside of the frame area... go to selections/ modify/ expand 10 pixels


#4. INVERT and cut on the paper 9 layer. Select none and apply a 3d drop shadow on the frame.

#5. Use the deformation tool as shown above.. pull out the corners of the mask layer to enlarge it some.

#6. Open element 5.png  copy and paste it over to your working image.. have it's layer on top of the frame layer. Mirror it

#7. Open the tube you're going to use.. if you use the same as myself.. resize her 47%

#8. Open element 81.png resize 80%  mirror.

Open element 30.png resize 25%

#9. Open element 48.png resize 80% position below the tube layer.

Open element 90.png resize 80% copy and paste below the other flower layers

Open element 89.png  copy and paste over to working image.

Open element 112.  resize 70%  erase the stem on it...  Copy and paste it over to working image...duplicate 2 times

#10 Resize all layers 88%  Go to Image / Canvas size  900  x 900 center justify

Add a new layer , move it to the bottom of the layer palette.. fill with white.

Open the Free Spirit Text file that was in the supplies zip  copy and paste it to the top of the layer palette.

below shows how I placed all the elements.. Don't forget your copy right info on the tag for the tube.

#11.  Just merge the tube and the Free Spirit text layer together... and hide it. .it  should be moved on the top of the layer palette..

have the fairy layer all by it's self on the layer palette.. Hide her.. merge all the other layers together.. including the mask and white bkg layer.

Below it shows the fairy layer... just showing..  Resize all layers 88% now.

#12. Use your selection tool set on Free hand selection / point to point... Feather on 5 .  Select around the wing area... when you get them selected..

Add a new layer above the fairy layer and Copy the wings into selection on that new layer... on the original fairy layer  hit    DELETE

You're deleting the existing wings..... Hide all layers except the copy of the wings.... COPY MERGE on top of the image..

take the selected wings to animation shop and paste as a new animation...

#13. Now you're in Animation.. with just the wings there in front of you... go to Effect/ insert image effect and choose Underwater..

have the setting set on these settings below..

then go to customize.. and set the settings to these here. How your pull the waves out.. is clicking on the middle dot and pull out.. do again however

waves you want to have.. the more waves the more movement on the wings.

 when it finishes rendering.. click ok.. check the wings on how they look.


#14. The wings will tend to 'Jump'  So If you delete frame 1  The original frame... it will correct this. usually :)

That should leave you with 15 frames... now go back to PSP. Have all layers except the top tube

and text layers showing. (hide the new wings layer also )

Below if you will notice you can see a ghost image of the wings on the fairy..

When I selected them I used the point to point selection tool... it was set on a  feather selection..

and when I deleted them.. it left the ghost image of the wings which worked out good for me.

In animation shop when I had to put the moving wings in place.. it helped as a placement...

When you get your image showing with the layers like the one below..  Right click on top of your working image.. and COPY MERGE

Over to animation shop and paste as a new animation.

 Click the duplicate frame button 5 times that will give you 17 frames... you only need 15 so just delete two of the frames..

Ctrl + A to select all frames on the bottom layers animation.. and the wings animation.

Click , hold and drag F: 1 of the wings over to F: 1 of the bottom layers animation. Be sure to place the wings in the correct

position before you let go of the mouse button. Check your working animation now.. see if all looks ok..




Now for the next animation... Open the Gold N White dots2. mng animation that was in your supplies folder.

Notice it has 21 frames not the same as your working animation, but that's ok.. it will still work..

Ctrl + A to select all the frames in the Dot. mng   Click, hold and drag F: 1 of the dots over to F: 1 of the working animation.

After you drag the dot animation over to your working animation.. do it again.. positioning it in diff place..

#16. Go back to PSP... on your working image.. just have the tube and word text showing

like below. (don't forget the copyright info too) Right click on the top of the window and COPY MERGE

Over to animation shop and paste as a new animation. Duplicate the top layers animation till you have 15 frames.

#17. Same as before.. Click , hold and drag F:1 of the top layers animation. (showing above)

over to F: 1 of your working animation.. Let go of the mouse button when you get her positioned in correct spot.

Check your new animation.. see if it all looks ok.. if it don't.. just undo on what you need to undo on... do again

Save as a GIF when all is ok..

You should be done.. Till next time