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I wrote this tutorial April 5, 08.. if it reminds you of some other tutorial.. NOT my fault lol..

 this is out of my own widdle twisted mind. I did this in PSP 9 but with a few changes you can do in any verison of PSP.

Optional to use Xenofex 2 *Constellation*

I am using my own Scrap kit I created for this tutorial you can download it HERE..   You will need to supply your own tube..

as I can not give you the tube I used.. cause I'm a selfish thang. lol. no really..

its copyright issues.. you can't buy ęSuzanne Woolcott tubes anymore. If you did purchase it use your license #

Mine is # SW881

Here is the finished TAG..

 I am going through this with not as much detail as I usually do.. because everyone will put this TAG together like they want really. Everyone will 'SEE' it like they like.

1. Start with a 600 x 600 new canvas.. * can crop later* Open one of the papers of your choice, and resize it 20% cause all papers for the scrap kit is 3600 x 3600 pixels. Copy and paste the paper over to the new image window. Have the mask that I included in the supplies zip open on your desktop. Go to layers/new mask layer/from image and use these settings below.

2. On your layer palette merge/ group so that all 3 layers of the mask are combined into one. **NAME your layers.. get in this habit.. its much easier to see what your dealing with if you give all your layers a name on your project.**move your finished mask layer kind of up to the left...

3. Copy and paste your frame on your working canvas..**  Might have to resize it** moving it over to the right and down from the mask.. use my captures to see what I mean. Copy and paste the lacing also to a new layer.. resize it.. by % or deformation tool , so its half way on and off of the frame as shown down several steps below....  Copy and paste your curled paper ,**RESIZE 20 %** position it behind the frame layer.. or in other words it will be below the frame layer on the layer palette . Look below.. Use the magic wand tool and making sure your on the frame layer.. click with the wand in the middle of the frame.. to select the center circle...once its selected go to Selections/modify/ expand  5 pixels.  Now on the layer palette click or highlight the curled paper layer.. Selections / INVERT and CUT or delete on the keyboard.. if you did that right it will cut or delete the extra overhang of the curled paper that goes beyond the frames edges. Keep it still selected.

4. Copy and paste the tube you picked for this project.. position it below the frame layer but above the curled paper layer. apply a drop shadow on it..

5. Position her lil over to the left like the capture below... then Selections/ INVERT and CUT . This should cut the extra part of the tube that overhangs too. Select none now.

6.  This depends on what you decide to use in 'building' your tag.. but in my sample.. I used the clamp, copied and pasted it in a new layer... also the Blue flower same. using the point to point selection tool.. I selected around half of the flower.. copied and pasted it on a new layer.. then on that original layer where I did the selection.. I CUT... to cut half of the flower off, don't worry you should have the other half on another layer. if you minded lol

8.  See below what I meant??.. I have two halves of the flower on separate layers. On the top half.. I went to Image/flip.. then Image/ mirror... Look at the finished tag.. and position these two halves.. one on top of the other... but the bottom one sticking out lil further... add a 3D drop shadow on them... merge down on the top one.. making the two pieces just one layer... put these flowers UNDER the clamp layer .

NOTE: Everything gets a 3D shadow on it.. just so you know.. and I used the same setting on everything.

9. Copy and paste the piece of paper and the paper clip on your Tag.. below I show erasing the part of the paperclip that suppose to look like its behind the paper. Copy and paste the bow now.. use the deformation tool to turn the bow the way you want it..

NOTE: when you resize.. or use deformation tool ALWAYS sharpen once.. or it will be blurry

10. So far here is how all mine looks... look at the layer palette.. I've got all layers named.. Yours should look kind of like this.. if you used different elements.. then it wont.  I added some text on the note also.

11. When you get your tag and all the elements just like you want it.. then merge all doesn't matter if you flatten or just merge visible  IF your going to animate it.. if your not.. just flatten all layers and save as in .jpg file format.

12. Once you flatten all the layers... Duplicate your one layer 2 times where you end up with 3 layers all together.  One the top one.. go to Xenofex 2 *constellation* and use these settings below.

13. On the next layer down.. go back to Xenofex 2 *Constellation* but don't change any settings just hit the Random Seed button on the bottom left.

On the last layer *bottom* back to Xenofex 2 and hit the random seed again.

Save as a animation shop (*.psp) file format.. this is DIFFERENT than a .pspimage tube file format.  close out your project now... go and open your animation shop and browse to find the file you just saved in PSP... check the new animation with the preview animation button.. then if all looks well.. go and SAVE AS  .gif

Your Done!! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial