Scrapkit used for this tutorial is from Dees Sign Depot ' For All Eternity'

Tube used is an ©Arthur Crowe. I love Goth

This tutorial was written from PSP X 8 Sept 6, 2015

Eye Candy 5 Textures is used..

Supplies (animation & mask)



#1. Open Frame4.png  Shift + D to duplicate the window.. close original and the duplicate

is now your working image. Resize 80% then  Go to image/ canvas size 900 x 900  center justify

#2. Use the magic wand and click on the inside of the wire frame. Modify/ Expand 6 pixels. INVERT.  Open paper9.jpg  drag it layer over to your working image.

paper below the frame layer. CUT on the paper layer.. Apply a 3D drop shadow on the wire frame

#3. Open Paper6.jpg drag its layer over to your working image.. its layer is on bottom of layer

palette.. apply the mask to the red paper. Merge/ Merge group... Duplicate the mask layer once and merge down on the two mask layers

#4. Wasn't quite dark enough for me.. And the oddest thing.. I added a new layer to the image and moved the new layer to the bottom of the layer palette

#5. Filled with white... as you can see below.. it looks almost cream color.. compared with the white of the tut paper ,I don't know WHY that is like that


#6. Open El39.png  resize 40%  duplicate and mirror.

Open E99.png  resize 50%  duplicate.. and mirror

Open E28.png  resize 40% duplicate and mirror

Dont forget your 3D drop shadow on all your elements

Open E86.png resize 60%

Open E48.png and use curves on it to darken it

settings below.

#7. Drag the fencing over to your working image.. duplicate it and mirror it. Merge the two fencing layers together..

 have them below the skulls paper layer

#8. Open the tube you're going to use.. if you use the one I did.. it has to be resized 65%

Open E33.png  resize 80% Sharpen 2 times  (drop shadow)

Open E68.png resize 80% duplicate and mirror

#9. Open E71 resize 80% sharpen  use the deformation tool to  turn it..

Open E89 resize 40%

Open E57  resize 60%

#10. Merge all the top layers.. Merge the mask and the white bkg layer.. Have the fencing on its own layers.

#11. I resized my image.. at 84%  sharpened the top merged layers with the girl tube the resize made her kind of  blurry

On the top of the fencing layers.. I applied Eye Candy 5/ Textures/ Textured noise  with these settings

on the settings tab.. set it to Dot noise

with each consecutive fence layer.. apply EC 5/ Texture/ Textured Noise on it.. but each time.. hit the Random Seed button

When you get the textured noise on all 3 layers of the fence..

Time to open animation shop..

Set up your layers like this below...COPY MERGED

in Animation shop PASTE as a new animation

In PSP set up your layers like below.. COPY MERGED..

in animation shop.. paste behind current frame...


in PSP set up your layers like below... COPY MERGED.. IN Animation shop...  right click on new animation and paste

behind current frame... you should have 3 frames to your animation . Duplicate the 3 frames till you have 16. The fire animation has 16 frames..


In animation shop.. open the fire animation.. You will have to do this 3 times... to put the fire in the 3 skulls on the new animation..

Ctrl + A to select all frames on both animations... Click , hold, mouse button and drag F:1.. of the fire animation.. over to F: 1 of your new animation

don't let up on the mouse button till you place the fire in the correct spot.  UNDO on the fire animation... drag it AGAIN over to

your new animation.. this time placing it on the second skull... do it a 3rd time.. placing it on the 3rd and right skull.

once you get the 3 fire animations on your image... Check the animation.. see if it looks right.. if all is ok

Save As a GIF..

That should be it!

Toodles till next time