Filter Forge is really a plugin but can be installed as a stand alone program.. I like mine installed into my PSP plugin folder.. so I can access it through my plugins. You can find Filter Forge HERE

There are over 4200 filters that you can download for Filter Forge.. WOW huh

Filter Forge works several ways... Some of the filters will work on a blank canvas.. like the background filters. Or if you have a plain colored bkg layer on your canvas.. and add a NEW layer on top and apply FF on that top layer.. OR if you have a tube selected and floating, you can apply one of the effects filters on that tube.. Also you can flatten the tube *with a white bkg* then apply FF on it.. Below are examples of some. Later on in the tutorial I will show you the interface of FF. and explain each component. Filter Forge is also known for making your OWN effects.. it is a lil detailed and not easy.. to do BUT I figured out how to make a few of my own.. BEST way to learn how to create your own is to open an existing filter in the editor and like REVERSE engineer it lol.. see how its made and what effect what.. hard to explain till you get in there and see for yourself.

This one below, is a blank canvas.. and this Frame filter in FF applied.

ok... the samples below.. will show the original TUBE on the left.. the two cats. The sample on the right.. a new layer was added on top of the cat tube layer and a frame filter was applied to that empty layer. The middle sample is the tube flattened with a white bkg.. and a filter applied...

See some filters in FF affect just the tube.. others affect the tube plus the surrounding areas..

if your canvas is a perfect square.. all sides equal then FF will make it a seamless tile if you want.. the option is there.

Below is a FF filter applied just on the Tube.

Sample below.. on a flattened tube

Below is some Misc filters,  it don't matter what you have on your canvas.. they make their design.. like these jewels and flowers.

Here is the Filter Forge Interface Window. I will explain each thing going by the numbers.

#1  This is the list of the filters that you have downloaded from FF site. It splits them up into categories. Like building, frames, misc, organic, patterns, snippets, stone, techno, creative * my personal fav* distortions, frames, misc, patterns, photo and my filters.. *he ones that YOU make.* it shows a preview of what the filter looks like too..

#2. There are tabs . The Preset tabs, is the presets that the creator of the filter made for it.. you can use those.. or tweak the settings and make it look different.. Clicking on the settings tab you get this..

Every filter has different controls.. this is for the jewel on the top left of the jewel and flower samples above. You can change colors, different pattern choices, on this one the facets... pattern sizes and variations the combinations are endless. The lightening tab you can change the settings on lighting.. the direction of the light.. etc.. Also seamless tiling is an option on most filters.

#3 This is what your canvas and/or tube you have open in your PSP...will look like with the filter applied.

#4 is your Filter Editor, when you click this button.. this window below opens...Here is where you can either create your own filter from scratch or edit another of the filters.

(7) is where you choose what kind of filter you want to create. Simple filter or surface filter. Surface filter is more complex and has a lightening tab in the settings.

(8) This is your area where you do your creating. you put the boxes of each component of the filter. and link them to each effect. (hard to explain this one, hands on is best teacher to this I think)

(9) Is the Component box.. where you get your control boxes for all the facets of the effect.

(10) is your image preview.. you can lock the preview window.. and with each change or addition to the effect.. it will reflect it in this window.

(11) When your done creating your filter.. SAVE and name it

EVEN IF you don't create any of your own filters.. with the 4200 + filters that are available for filter forge.. you would NEVER use all of them or get tired of using your Filter Forge.. Its endless as to what you could create with it..

The best way like I said.. and how I created the few filters I did.. was just reverse create it lol... open an already existing filter.. and  move things around.. delete boxes.. changes settings.. and see how it works.. if your downloading filters from the Filter Forge site if you see any that ARTSY did.. that's ME!!!! lol

Ok back to the main interface window for filter forge. I was on

# 5 Filter Library: download more filters.. when you click this... it will open the filter page on the Filter Forges site... this is where you can start downloading filters you can either do the 3 at a time page.. or go to filters and go by the categories.. that's what I did so I wouldn't miss none.. then periodically I go to the update page and download or snag the newest filters that users have submitted. There are some really talented people that create all the time  for the filter... I joined its forum too and talked to some.. its a good support system... they will help you too and when you create a filter and have a prob with it loading slow.. the CREATOR of filter forge is the main guy in the forum (forgot name lol) he will lead you in the right direction..

#6.. Last one.. this is SAVE PRESET button... you can use this for a filter you make.. OR one of the other filters... if you have adjusted the settings tab and found some look you really like.. click this button and SAVE your preset it will be there next time you use that filter..

Thats' all the light I can shed on this , If I can help you let me know.. My students in my workshop group... know I give workshops on this once in a while.. to refresh them..

Toodles till next time..